In this video, I go over my method for transplanting cannabis plants – how to transplant marijuana. This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary …


  1. Wow over 17,000 views on my last video! You all are amazing! The likes, shares and comments really do help. Thank you so much!! Your positive energy fuels me to continue to create informative content on growing cannabis.

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  2. What nutrients have you had the best success with? I'm looking at incorporating more organics into my next grow. Do you have any suggestions on what to use for an indoor soil grow?

  3. its about the same thing i do when transplanting – got taught by my mom as a kid when she worked at a florist , but she never used rooting powder or anything like today's way. she would use old news paper soaked with finely crushed egg shell as a kind of root liner as i guess it was not to shock the plant so much – guess like the rooting powder does. still some great looking plants – but if one does not have the means to get genetically tested can one tell by the node junctions ? as i have seen some do not even show any signs of being male or female until the dam little pollen flowers open and Pow right in the Sad file.

  4. That's a lot of transplanting there for just a 5-gallon pot LOL but I can understand the reasoning if you need the extra few weeks to veg if you have a certain cycle going don't want to take breaks.

  5. Which Kind of Soil do you use for such young plants? So is it a light mix, pro, super soil?
    I‘ve burned my last couple plants …

    Much Love from Austria! 💚

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