1. One suggestion as a hempy bucket grower, it is beneficial too raise the plants up and have a catch container for run off and auto feed system. Then there is no need to take plant in and out for watering. GD luck

  2. This is the first that I have even heard of this type of grow.Thanks for the detailed video. I know this is an old video,but can you tell me what kind of yield did that end up being?
    And my next question is I'm sure you probably started with soil but are the yields and quality better?
    And I didnt see you rinse the perlite, vermiculite and the grow rocks? Is that not necessary?
    Thank you in advance

  3. Great video Bingus!! Very interesting method, I hope you continue showing how this method works / grows plants, etc. I assume water is held in the bottom of the bucket until the 2" hole drains keeping basically 2" OF WATER/FOOD IN THERE AT ALL TIMES. I like it!! Have a great day!!

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