1. Here's a little bonus for those of you that are feeling extra masochistic 😉
    For the past 3 years I've been doing a Dopamine Fast on New Year's Eve – for symbolic reasons.
    While everyone is entering the New Year drunk, high, or hungover, I get to enter it with a clear mind and a head start

  2. I did a dopamine fast for nearly 9 months about 10 years ago. I didn't call it that back then. But when I "arose" from it, I was the most productive version of myself I had ever been. I went from flat broke to owning a 6 figure business only a few months after.

  3. I tried this, it was very weird to see how long a day can feel. However, because of the no food rule I was physically ok, but felt tired, had a hard time concentrating on thinking. So the only thing I wrote was in the morning while I wasnt that hungry and tired yet…. I did go to bed early, and woke up at 5 am. First thing I did was making breakfast, but I didnt feel extra productive that day, just a bit happy that I could actually do what I wanted again.

  4. Hey man I’m willing to try this, however I have a question: Can I listen to music? Download beats so I can write or try to write a song? Can I write things that bring me pleasure? For example writing about how much I love video games, movies, tv shows, the world, life etc?

  5. What I’ve realized about people feeling like something is missing is that more times then not, they already have it and just don’t realize it… they’re searching for something that’s gonna fill a void and make them feel when the whole time they’ve already had it and just didn’t realize it and take it for granted….simply put, they’re too content and comfortable but feel like there should be more

  6. I did it yesterday. It wasn't that hard except the fact I was drinking only water for almost 40 hours. No food, no books, no weed, no talking to people, nothing at all. I was walking outside like 5 hours only with my watch and I started seeing and hearing things outside differently. The night after the process I've had headache, I went sleeping like 9PM and the whole night I was dreaming so much bulshit. The thing is that I woke up at 5AM, I took shower and I'm feeling reborn, ready to take action on my daily goals.
    The dopamine fast is really working. I was wondering how old are you and how much time it took you to get back on the right life path and by right I mean what you feel is right deep inside in your heart for you?

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