1. Great video, thanks for sharing but I don't fully understand how the meshed box works. I would be interested in making one but could you explain the design a bit more & how it works etc please?

  2. For those wanting to attract bats, which are Mother Nature's most effective insect predator. A bat consumes its body weight in night-flying insects every 24 hours, which includes many mosquitoes.
    Please be sure to visit Bat Conservation International. BCI will provide you with a list of BCI Approved Bat House Mfgs. These Mfgs. must build their houses within the specification designs of BCI to ensure you will have the best possible results. Be sure to follow BCI guidelines on where and how to install the bat house. For example, in colder climates, make sure your bat house is facing the SouthEast so that it receives the morning sun and warms up quickly.

  3. Ugh ill try this with little hopes of success. I can’t even water the lawn for 4 minutes before getting attacked with super painful bites of those new tiny black and white mosquitoes. Yesterday I got 5 new bites with the last one on my forearm. I felt the bite and saw the plump red belly of the mosquito in the middle of sucking cause it didn’t move or was so full it couldn’t move. It hurt so much that I wanted to pluck it off me like you would a splinter but was so grossed out by all that blood that I ended up flicking the shit out of it !!! I quickly then scrubbed the crap out of the bites with dawn then scrubbed in alcohol. Don’t wanna call vector control cause they just spray nasty chemicals!!! NO ONE HAS POOLS AROUND US! WTF! I seriously just want to screen in my whole backyard!

  4. I just finished watching this video on 30May2018. That's a lot of work. I'm 100% sure I will never own a farm. But I did enjoy the educational video, thanks for sharing.

  5. BIG MISTAKE ! for an "organic" farmer – – DO NOT KILL wasps !!! ONE (1) yellow jacket will KILL 1,000 flies in its summer season ! ! ! Other varieties are also fly killers !! ! Just leave alone ALL nests that are located far enough away from where people or animals will be moving regularly (like eaves of roofs, on rafters in barns, etc. – and LET THE WASPS HAVE ALL THE FLIES THEY WANT ! ! !

  6. Copper pieces in water features-no skeeters.
    Fruit exposed on compost pile will attract fruit flies which will then attract a variety of predator insects.
    (wasps traps?! No way)
    Hornets eat mosquitos. Bats generally eat moths. We have had hornet's nest overhanging or pool without anyone getting stung we're fortunate to be coming into our 7th year of having a hornet's nest nearby though sometimes I don't know where it is what I do know is that the queen hornet is eating the softwood on our cedar fence to start the nest. If I do find the nest in the fall I avoid raking leaves anywhere near it in case it makes it safer for her to get back into the ground for the winter. The queen starts the nest all by herself.

  7. In our area bat boxes are needed placed away from the house and minimum of fifteen feet up.
    The bats drop out and fly up in a curve. There they would hit your porch also cleanup keeps the poop off your shoes and carpets. Plans for fly box would be helpful too

  8. So Around 2:00 the flies are attracted to the bait but since they got "in" by going under the box to get to the bait WHY are they going to go up through a tiny hole in the fabric into the trap instead of just going out the way they came? Seems like if you turn the box upside down and put the bait inside so they have to get through the tiny hole to get to the bait it might work better. But either way the box would be pretty much the same. Canned cat food with a little water works quite well as an attractant in traps too. Especially once it starts going off.

  9. Have you tried mosquito traps? They sell them under the spartan name but you can make them yourself out of pvc pipe with a couple holes drilled in, and fill it with water, salt, sugar, yeast mixture, 87% salt, 12% salt, 1% yeast in 40oz of water. Hang it in a tree. It sterilizes mosquitos and or kills them, preventing reproduction and reducing population exponentially. 2 traps per acre. Put them not near your hang outs because the mosquitos will swarm to them until they’re killed off.

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