1. Great video man, really loved it, but I feel that it's worth remembering the Jordan Peterson video on keeping conversations on the chill.
    Love the vids man, I learn a lot from them!

  2. Joe shouldnt call his friend out on radio. But its entertainment, youre only friends with winners so I understand.

    Joe shouldnt call flat earth BS because truly they do have some good facts. Even if I dont believe it they have presented a solid argument thats hard to prove or disprove.

  3. From the comments i've read, people have made the point more articulately than i could and that is speaking the truth in all situations is not a way to command respect. I really like Joe Rogan but disagree with some of the analysis of his truth speaking.

  4. All well and good in theory, but so many folks get mighty defensive, even in the face of constructive criticism that's coming from a good place and will hold a grudge against you for giving voice to it.

  5. Duuude, my mom taught me all this when I was a kid without so many words. She also taught me that when someone touches you to kick them in the balls and smash their face in.

  6. 9:03 i feel like ive been doing this for a long time and continuously gotten better at it even if its concerning myself and my own patters but i run into a lot of problem with this way to run relationships with other people, a fair amount of people cant seperate their behaviours from their person and will feel attacked regardless of you being nuanced

  7. This is why so many of us Patriots voted for Trump. I'm not saying I don't cringe sometimes, but I am so thankful for Trump at this time in American history. He follows the most destructive President in American history. Obama has pushed us deeply into another Europe as he promised.

  8. Joe Rogan should have told Brendan that in private. It was a private talk. Anybody who understands respect would know that.

    It has nothing to do with being overly sensitive either. It's about not being a dick.

  9. 7:17 The Earth IS flat in my opinion. Joe Rogan trying to shame people into believing otherwise doesn't make him correct, nor does it make him "command respect" so I think that was a poor example. It just makes him look self-righteous and a typical sheep that believes everything the Government and NASA tells him. It actually makes me LOSE respect for him. When you start telling people how "stupid" they are for having their opinion, it doesn't make me want to respect you.

  10. But the earth IS flat and the belief in a spinning globe earth has no validity to it. While you are probably a very smart person, your disagreement is a trained reflex and when you start doing your own research and making actual observations you'll come to the truth. Perhaps start by asking yourself how you actually know that the earth is a globe.

  11. Stop being afraid to have original thoughts just because you're afraid of the backlash. The people that get offended are probably people that wouldn't give a shit about you otherwise.

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