1. Hi Shan…got a quick question for you…for some reason I trust your judgement and it seems like you know what you're talking about. No disrespect to OKC…but I made a profile on POF…i was wondering could you take a look at it and re-evaluate it to make sure it's on point? Your tips and help are greatly appreciated…lmk!

  2. Too many people list their dealbreakers on their profile, like "no [dealbreaker]" and yeah that kind of stuff makes a profile seem standoffish (because the people you are trying to avoid aren't reading the profile) so it should be left to messages.

  3. Sigh my problem is the pictures. I hate taking photos especially of myself. I also don't have pictures of me doing "cool things" or wild cards. My craziest pic is me sitting on a toilet. Luckily I do get by with my few selfies.

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