How much light do I need to grow big buds

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  1. Doing my first ever LED test grow with the VIPAR 300 lights. Using 5 of them in one row with three plants. setup like V300/R300/V300/R300/V300 they're on a 7'9" truss and I can say this. So far so good. But the idea of this setup was shared lighting. The R300 bleeds over into the V300. The buds are getting really big and frosty. Gotta wait to see how these other plants fill in but if they fill in they will be as good as our outdoor buds but frostier… I'll have to send you a pic on IG.

  2. Maybe mention also yield is strain dependent too. All the major American breeders are releasing strains that dont really yield well at all, but they are absolute fire so yield has taken a back seat to quality.

  3. Happy new year Neil/Sam.Another great video m8.I have 2x600wVIPARSPECTRA and i m about to add a 315wCMH and bent the panels to hit the lower sides .I have one auto plant in the tent(1.2×1.2m) now,would it be ok with all the lights on.Cheers

  4. Viparspectra Par series 450w has a higher PAR than the TC series 450w that you showed or the 450w reflector series they also make, Still nowhere near HPS or your LED. Love your Vids and I seriously learn something new with each and every one.

  5. I bought an apollo 600w system off amazon. Went to buy another one for another 4×4 and i had a kit saved in my cart. It said it was discounted from amazon. I was salty bc it’s cheap and mine has lasted 2 years goin non stop

  6. Like u did the viparspectra they are at least truthfully on there par. I have the 700 for the summer I get ok yields for 275 dollars. But not as close as my 600hps.

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