FDA approves first cannabis-based drug for seizures

The FDA has approved a new anti-seizure drug called Epidiolex for children with certain forms of epilepsy. It’s made from a component in marijuana, although it …


  1. Now after denying medical benefits for decades. Claiming no studies showing medical benefit. Government is acting like experts bringing us some miraculous unheard of new medicine. To be in pharmacies by end of year. How is that possible without reclassification of marijuana? How can pharmacies engage in sale of a product derived from an illegal source? Hemp is marijuana, just as illegal to grow, possess and sell. Or is that DEA is only going to reclassify CBD without regard to its source. Maintaining strict prohibition against marijuana and THC having no medical value.

  2. BTW if the treatment and cure is already available I'm not sure why the global criminal corporations (former) & governments are suppressing it. It was offered to all those ever suffering for free.

  3. Why would you risk negative side effects or long-term implications from pharmaceuticals? You can’t make a toxic drug LESS toxic by placing a pure ingredient into it. Two thumbs down for Big Pharma! Ditch medicine and focus only on safe, gentle options. There’s plenty of documentaries and evidence about how effective pure CBD oil ALONE can work wonders for seizures, chronic pain, cognitive health, inflammation, and so much more. It’s been a HUGE breakthrough for me with Fibromyalgia, herniated discs, Advanced Degenerative Disc Disease, inflammation, insomnia, depression, anxiety, hormones, gut health, and more.

  4. Ever since the sixties republicans been taking medicine from people saying it's illegal, cannabis was designed by God and republicans are jailing people for over 55+ year's for using cannabis. Nixon started the drug war bc he hated hippies. Republicans should be ashamed of themselves making war against cannabis user's.

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