1. Hi Beck! Hope you're feeling better and the year has started off great for you. I've got three qns for you.. is there any way you can combine any of these two oils together or would you just recommend using them on alternate days? Would it be considered a moisturiser? And lastly, would the UFO be considered an exfoliant since it's an acid? Thank you so much for your help Becky ! Xx

  2. I need to try the swisse cranberry, I have never been sure of it in the past, but obv I have got to try it now. And I love the science breakdown on fractionated coconut oil – yes! So well explained 💜💜 and also, 😘💜

  3. Which oil would be good for DE glycolic nite serum. Started using it and I would like to use an oil with it. I do have Sunday Riley Luna oil but it has retinol in it so not sure if that would work. Thanks. Great video!!!

  4. Beck, are you reading my mind? I was just looking up facial oils on the Sephora app. I have a small sample of the Lapis oil and I love it but I want redness gone overnight. You just said gradually so changing my opinion on it and keep working with it. Where in the nighttime routine would you recommend it? Great to see your smiling face, hope you're doing well. 💜💜💜

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