Does Smoking Weed Make You Smarter? – 10 News Stories You Missed This Week

There’s been loads going in the news besides the Oscars and all the political drama. Do smart kids smoke weed? Have we created a mutant super pig that could …


  1. They've been "genetically modifying" both crops an livestock f9r millennia, since humans have been cultivating food crops and keeping animals as livestock for food and began selective breeding of both to breed out undesirable traits and to breed in desirable traits such as resistance to diseases, for example chickens, they've been selectively bred to have abnormally huge breasts (insert tastless jokes here), because of the demand for boneless, skinless, white meat breast not to mention the demand from food processers to make their prepared foods promising to use only white meat chicken in their soups, stir fry packaged meeals and let us not forget the ubiquitous chicken nuggets. With pork they have bred out the fat (and the flavor) of just about every pork product other than sausage, bacon and ham, there are know only two breeds that remain truly porcine, Berkshire, from England and Du Roque, a French breed, that still have flavor. Pork was never the "other white meat". So, for all of you out there expounding the evils of the big bad "GMO's, just about all the food that you're cramming into your pie holes has been "genetically modified" so just get off your high horses and move on with your life, you're eating GMO's every day.

  2. Weed also makes you impotent, damages your lungs, along with many other diseases, raises our medical costs, makes you lazy, slows down reaction time – rendering you useless in attacks, makes you less productive, and shortens your lifespan, so enjoy that high and early death.

  3. get the duck out of here with y'all fake ads studies . the gig is up ! we know everything including your very nationality . the pharmaceutical companies and there masters create deseases in you to create the medication to fight the diseases that they give to you

  4. Everyone always trying to use "oh it stops brain development" I've know potheads who have smoked since middle school and are some of the smartest people you will ever meet. That study had very little evidence and it even showed that the supposed development being stopped was so minor it really wouldn't even matter. But all the soccer moms and the government paraded that around the streets. The government makes no profit from weed that's why it's not all the way legal, honestly if the government gave a fuck about what a substance does to us cigarettes would be banned but they just wanna make money. More and more people are opening up to the idea of weed and I think it's healthy to have a way to just relax every once in a while. You talk shit about weed but all these people (probably including you) drink alchohol and let's be honest that will destroy your liver and at a much faster and more serious rate than weed "killing brain cells" or "stopping development".

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