1. There’s a difference from the Deep Web and the Dark Web.
    This is the Dark web, not the Deep Web. The deep web is just medical records and such. Dark web is scary stuff like red rooms, assassins, etc.
    ohkbnv sorry just wanted to make sure y’all knew.

  2. The deep web isn’t that bad. The deep web is mostly just private sites and places of the such that don’t wanna be bothered by normal average people browsing google. The deep web is 96% of the internet and most of it is just fine. If you ind your self on the dark web however, that’s when these things can happen to you. Also I believe TOR takes your IP and trades with someone else. So while someone tracking your computer might be told that your in a different country, a random other user could be using your IP if TOR uses it to mask theirs. Tor also is somewhat simple to hack, its best if you encrypt your IP on your own.

  3. I work for the government in law enforcement. I go on the deep Or dark web. To find illegal activities. I’m protected and buy guns and drugs to catch the bad guys. I have seen it all. And most hitmen are usually scams. The real ones usually don’t kill politicians as that is a terror act.

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