Darryl Strawberry Really Hates Marijuana, It’s Destroying Lives! | TMZ Sports

Darryl Strawberry believes marijuana is DANGEROUS — telling TMZ Sports it should NOT be used as pain management because it’s a gateway drug that can …


  1. He's speaking facts . The man is mature he has no reason to defend substance abuse . We do have a spiritually broken crisis in America, which is why many go to drugs or sex as vices of escape .. What alters the mind is not healthy for the mind .. these are lessons you learn after you fall out the drug culture shaming hypnosis

  2. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  3. hes a minister now and church people usually have a warped sense of reality so he is just saying this because his church base would condone him, hell fast food can be a gateway drug to obesity but not everyone is overweight, religion can be a gateway drug to be a suicidal psycho but not everyone turns out like that, you cant lump all human beings into one box based on a few peoples experiences, theres people that never did any drugs and still made bad decisions in life so whats their excuse? movies? music? enviroment? parents? the list could go on forever trying to place blame on everything everytime someone makes a mistake or becomes addicted to something, society accepts us having the highest prison population and doesnt do nothing about alcohol, tobacco, fast food, pills, etc. that kill millions a year yet they are concerned about us smoking a joint?

  4. DS has a somewhat hidden agenda for those of you that don't know.

    Dude owns the Daryl Strawberry Recovery Center for drug/alcohol addiction – Of course he would say this against established factual research because it is quite PROFITABLE for him when state judiciaries order substance abusers to pay for a visit or two to his money making machine and he wants to keep it that way – extremely profitable. – Just like Kevin Sabet of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (another anti-marijuana PAC well known for their lies and being funded in part by the makers of Fentanyl, the most dangerous narcotic drug on the planet) does. Their just trying to protect their state mandated and protected cash cows. With this in mind, its best to just pass off DS as insincere and phoney.

  5. It was ridiculous to even ask him the question. Of course he's going to be against marijuana. He's a recovering drug and alcohol addict. If you're in recovery the amount of drugs you can do is zero. When you've seen how much it's messed up some peoples lives its hard to find the positive in it. BTW I'm very pro-pot. But asking Strawberry about medical marijuana is like asking a Titanic survivor how they feel about cruise ships.

  6. What he need to worry about is his whore of a daughter and why she has no self-esteem… I've been smoking herb fit over 20 years and never touched anything else… Why ask these fools anything

  7. This guy, did so much cocaine, his middle name should have been 'Rossignal.' If he smoked weed, he would have been wealthier and healthier than he is now… So sad for him to confirm his stupidity with ignorant comments.

  8. I would say alcohol and pills like tylenol ibuprofen are the real gateway drugs. Reason kids take other pills is because they've been told to take this or that for a headache. Idc what people think but for my personal experience I was taking 60mg of opioids a day (which isn't alot compared to the serious addictions) but it took the pain away in a minimal way. Since I started using cannabis my pain levels went way down. I don't even have to smoke everyday. It may not work for some but it worked for me. 100%

  9. Weed is not a GATEWAY drug, Alcohol is PERIOD! Alcohol kill people everyday and it's still legalized🤔(that ought to tell you something), name me one time weed has caused somebody to lose their life? Me and my partners been smoking weed for 10 plus years and never have we thought about doing Coke,Heroin or none of that bull shit. If weed was your first drug and you start using other shit you just weak minded and should have never started smoking. People just be so quick to try to blame something or someone else instead of blaming themselves PERIOD!

  10. LMAO dude did enough cocaine to cover the Rocky mountains and he's talking about weed being a problem. Alcohol is the biggest gateway drug. I've never met a pot head who got stoned and decided to do some meth. CBDs have no psycho active properties that's what helps with the pain it also stops seizures and kills cancer

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