Conner Habib & Dr. Heather Berg On the Intersection of Sex, Labor, & Weed | QUEENS OF THE STONED AGE

MERRY JANE Being the critical thinker that you are, you’ve probably pondered how cannabis is a legal and lucrative enterprises in …


  1. Sex workers are mostly female. That's why they're being left behind. Most of the right hates womens rights. Some of the left doesn't get it and the middle are just a bunch of propaganda induced sycophant cowards.

  2. 16:05 – Dr. Berg's statement about not letting pot become "productive" is interesting in that the suggestion is the culture of "microdosing" can be used to drive stratification further. I'd never looked at it that way. It seems alarmist and a bit of a reach on the surface, but I do agree with Conner saying that workers can be happy while being more productive. It's a lot to ponder.

  3. 8:16 IMO, The intersection between sex workers and legal cannabis will continue to drift apart since the institutions who see a financial benefit to decriminalizing weed are not "politically" interested in linking sex worker rights and battling its stigma. Even if PornHub viewer statistics constantly reveal how much getting the sexual gratification we want (or aren't getting) seems pretty significant. There is clearly a need that could be filled both ways… pun intended.

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