Colombia Gold: Fair Trade Cannabis | Part 3 | Cannabis News Network

Cannabis News Network traveled down to Colombia for an exclusive 3 part report on the state of medical cannabis in Colombia: Colombia Gold. This is part 3: …


  1. The first weed I smoked as a kid in Texas was the "Mexican red hair" which came from MX but later find out that its real name was punta roja and it came from Colombia..very good weed non stop laughter…but those days are long gone…

  2. You can thank greenhouse seeds for single handedly wiping out most of the good landrace genetics around the world and mixing in there herm fem seeds with the local farmers seeds they have been growing for years

  3. Sad to see Colombian farmers growing "indica" hybrids in the tropics, which means using artificial lights at night and applying high levels of chemical pesticides and fungicides. A green revolution this is not.
    Contrary to what the "cannabis expert" implies in Part 2 of this series, it would be possible for the farmers to produce a high THC crop using varieties other than indica hybrids. Farmers could instead grew either (1) authentic Haze strains or (2) potent traditional ganja strains. Because such strains are adapted to equatorial conditions, this would also avoid the problem of mold and enable them to end unenviromental use of artificial light. The obvious thing would be to start working on their local landaces such as Colombian Gold, Limon Verde etc. The farmers clearly have the space and resources to do the selection needed to create a consistently high THC strain and in doing so would be preserving their heritage. A Fair Trade approach to cannabis needs to emphasise that traditional cultivars are part of farmers' legacy – hence the name "heirloom" often applied to these varieties. Clearly small farmers cannot and should not be coerced into growing them when there is market demand for modern hybrids. However, they can and should be assisted in breed these traditional varieties for potency, flavour, and other desirable characteristics such as medicinal properties.

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