1. CBD Hemp Buds are zero thc and it has changed my muscle spasms dramatically. You can buy it in smoke shops. Lifting the ban means that marijuana can help people the way it is meant to. I can't wait to see a difference in medical research in Florida.

  2. I am not against medical marijuana as I know it's benefits . In my situation on pain management due to ongoing surgeries, I have tested it in the past but not completely for the different levels of pain. The few times I have tested it, IT does not resolve all levels of pain but I have not had the opportunity to test all grades of marijuana yet and I assume it depends on the type of marijuana and purity of it including the grams.

    I have heard by many with non sense hype oh " this is better than that, this person's weed is better than that persons" of course before medical marijuana was legal and such. To me, I looked at it as people were saying this just to increase sales and I still look at it that way. I will say, I have taken it and in certain levels of pain, marijuana would not even touch the pain but my tolerance level is not good. So the times where it would not touch the pain with the grade taking it, the marijuana knocked me out to sleep but did not knock the pain out. Like I said,it may depend on quality and all that.

    But knocking me out to sleep also is not productive when a person has to provide financially for their family. In time, I hope there is a certain grade if ever issued that allows the pain to go away that does not knock me out into sleep so I can continue to be productive. I rarely will touch marijuana currently untill approved if ever for medical purposes. Furtunatly now, my pain management doctor finally got my pain under control which taken nearly 2 years AFTER being accepted in pain management but I would love to get off pills since marijuana is supposed to be safer and I went through a major withdrawal a few months back that I never ever want to experience again ever.

  3. Gov….will never win ..he is stupid ….
    ….you will never win….mr governor..
    We as Floridian do not need any marjuana in Florida..
    I think this guy taking a lot of bribes from drug dealers/lobiest …
    Tell him to give it to his kids

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