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How to Grow Medical Marijuana for those that live in legal states. This site is to teach you how to grow your own medicine. We do not encourage any type of drug …


  1. I have always wondered after watching some of your videos and replies. You grow and have all this awesome knowledge. But you don’t smoke? Is there a particular reason like because of a Job you have or? Have you ever answered why you don’t smoke? I tried looking but haven’t seen yet.

  2. I appreciate your long videos. I look forward to them every week! Finally smoked my bud that was grown under the max yield! Every person I've given it to, myself included, has said it is some of the best bud they've smoked. You are the reason for that. I am so thankful for all of the information you've shared with me! I'll take your ramblings any day! Thank you my man!

    I hope you're feeling better! You're looking better! Your wife is an amazing lady! Im sure she knows how much you appreciate her!

  3. A lot of people appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge no matter how you post. Honestly I don't think I would be as faithful as you and your wife are decimating this information. Even being as important as it is. You were the first video I watched. Your website has taught me so much. I appreciate the effort. Thank you and your wife.💚🙏

  4. I hope you feel better soon Neil. You should do more Street Jitsu videos. Thanks for checking out the mushroom vid I commented about. Anyway did you ever see that second vid I left in the comments about the stoned ape hypothesis and fungal intelligence? I also forgot to let you know I’m growing microgreens under the Dwarf Star along with some Colorado cookies. Both radish and broccoli microgreens LOVE your light. At day 5 they look like day 7 or 8 microgreens, they’re very vigorous under your light. Thanks again

  5. Hey Neil, sorry to hear you're having some health issues. Whatever you have going on check out Dr. Cassar and Tony Pantalaresco both on YouTube. Absolutely positively can promise you you'll be happy you did.

  6. thumbs up Samantha well done good job!
    I do bioponics in coco the feed i use is hydrotops, UK company Birmingham. hope you start getting better soon Neil i think were missing the sunshine at this time of year.

  7. Yo Neil I'd like to get sponsored by you I have a huge grow show an I crush strains daily I'm a daily Livestreamer I grow huge buds hit me up on my streams you used to come by I'd like to have you on my growshow

  8. Hey man, regarding your health because I’ve witnessed at least two people I worked with who got very I’ll from the marijuana they smoked. Come to find out they both were smoking weed that had been sprayed with eagle-20. Both quit smoking weed sprayed with it immediately and both started to feel much better in a week or two. I’m only trying to pass info along, I donno what you use as preventatives or what symptoms you may be having or illness. Hope you feel better bud, you’ve helped out a ton over they years. Thank you!

  9. Hey Neil big fan huge supporter of your page I really want to start growing into the Coco medium that you're using along with your nutrient line with a couple added cyco products and maybe a micro enzyme anyway my question is do you flush your Coco Tek before you add in your cal mag and nutrients to it?

  10. i'm sticking to photo periods now way better genetics no ruderalis and no fem just reg way better. Seeds cheaper and less money on electric, im growing ak 47 and jack herer 🙂 ps hope you get better soon and good luck with new grow

  11. Thanks for making these vids.. I was curious, I am doing my first grow, just a 2×4 tent with a 250w QB light, (I didn't know about you when i ordered stuff.. ) Was going to order from HLG, but they can't be bothered to answer emails.. Ended up buying a Kingbrite off of alibaba Same 301 samsung LED's and looks like the exact same product for $100 less.. My question was, do you have any opinions on QB setups? I dont' think i have seen you mention them at all..

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