Appalachian Trail Documentary: DIXIE TO MAINE

I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2015 and posted 44 Updates on this channel to document it. I figure at this point most people new to my channel may not want to …


  1. Your good parents took time to conceive, nurture and raise you in a loving home. Hopefully you'll do the same and unfortunately you will grow old and I'll have had to plan financially for old age. My concern is young people being too involved in themselves they are not giving that opportunity to the next generation. I'm old now and my 7 babies are gone, and we too did what you did, children weren't a burden but a blessing. We are lonely now and miss the crazy days of kids. I can see that the journey toughened you up, you are not the same person that began the hike. Good luck in life's journey.

  2. Dixie, you inspire me. I’ve been watching your videos and found this one this morning. It gave me butterflies because most of the beginning of this video is where I live. I drive by the NOC everyday on my way to work. Getting ready to do a week long section hike with my brother at the end of April starting at Clingmans Dome in the Smokies. 🤞🏽

  3. Dixie you are one of my favorite hikers along with 7. Mad dog, kitty and a few others. Dixie I got to thinking about some of those hikers who complain about the rocks on some of the trails. Dixie do you know if every hiker just removed one rock on the trail it wouldn't be very long before the trail was completely rock free!

  4. Great video, thanks for posting and greetings from Australia! You have a lot in common with a local lady hiker here in Oz. Her name is Caro Ryan who has a great site titled; ‘lotsafreshair’. Happy trails! 👍

  5. ok, Can i ask a really stupid question (other than that one?)

    I LOVE these videos, I watch now so many hikers, and campers, and bushcrafters, and i would love to do it but

    1: WAAAAY out of shape… and 2: honestly kinda freaked out about being alone in the middle of no where…

    My question is…

    1:I know how to "get in shape" (diet and exercise) but how can one gauge when they are in shape enough for something like this. 2: Are there any places that are good practice, i.e. maybe a day or two of hiking and then the end? 3: how does one overcome the fear of being alone and in trouble? (not sure how to put that one, I am hoping my intent is understood here.)

    thanks all for any kind of feedback. I live in Utah btw… so for part 2, if anyone knows some place in Utah or around there, that would be excellent!

    Loving you!

  6. Simply amazing! Always knew what the AT was and how long it was. Was actually looking for trail running videos and this came up and honestly so happy I stayed up to watch the whole thing. Never hiked a step in my life but I'm now starting to consider this unthinkable feat

  7. God Bless you for sharing your trip with us. I'm home after getting a PRP Injection in my knee and you've helped motivate me to go on! Good luck in all your future adventures.

  8. I skipped through and saw some of this I cant wait to watch the whole thing ! Very inspiring !!! I have always thought it would be so amazing to do this… today randomly It popped in my head again that I really really want to do this… my boyfriend is all about. I have many questions of course ! Especially questions only a female could understand ! I think there is a way to message people on youtube ? I'm not sure I am not with the times hahaha very Inspring though!

  9. Thru-hiked in 94'. Thank you for bringing back a flood of memories. Attempted the PCT in 03' but got hurt and had to come home. I'm definitely going back to start that one over.

  10. You are an amazing young lady, an inspiration to anyone who has ever Dreamt of hiking the Appalachian Trail. Your videos have rekindled the childhood dream of doing just that.

  11. What a great video! You really hit the highs and lows of what can be expected on a through hike. I am planning my own thru hike of the Long Trail before tackling the AT and this has really been an inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to record your experience. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

  12. Awesome Dixie! I am from New Zealand and we have a 3000km trail here that I have section hiked. I want to hike the AT and came across your video. I have watched a few of your videos now and think you are awesome thank you <3

  13. Omg sugarbelle I'm balling xo hugs girl!!! You're amazing love, you inspire me to actually plan it out. I have 3 kids and my heart has always been in backcountry trails. This has been on my dream board for years. I need to do this when my babies are a little bigger. I want to have my babies meet me along to way at checkpoints. <3 so proud of you!! Love from Canada xx

  14. Congratulations on finishing your hike, and thank you for sharing this! I first heard.Of the AT when I read Bill Bryson's book about it. I probably can't do a through bike due to some physical issues, but doing it in sections is definitely on my bucket list!
    J also want to say that I'm so sorry about Sugar. Losing a fur baby is the worst.

  15. I had no idea that I would end up crying like a little baby watching this hiking video. It feels like yesterday when I had to put my baby down. I wished that I could have hugged you because I really could have used a hug. But you trekked on and that inspired me even more

  16. its classic thanks for your inspiration, im planning this expedition right now for real but ,im training in canada quebec preparation because I was a hiker and now im ready to come back strong as ever thank you so much

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