1. I really wanna get into yoga <3 I've started going to the gym october last year, but now I really wanna start doing yoga on the weekends at least. Could you please link a good, yet affordable yoga mat? I already have one, but it kinda slips

  2. I want to move aswell, trying to takle my other goals kind of acquired moving out for me, unfortunately (toxic ppl, ya know…).
    Anyhiw, I am very motivated to cull down even more duo to hopefully moving soon. Today I finally decluttered my darn paper clutter. ✨ feels so good.

  3. Here's a new subscriber to help you achieve your goal 😊 Thanks for the advice, it was very motivating. My goal for this year is to finally take care of my left leg which is weaker due to a disease. It's not that bad but I could see it getting worse… This year is the year it gets better 🦵

  4. Such a wonderful video. I like how you sum up everything and go straight to the point with giving practical tips. Ialways love the new year and the goal-setting mindset! Even though I know I probably won't achieve all my goals cause they are numerous. I really like to think of them as guideline to lead my life all this year.
    Therefore, my goals are: 1) Improve my yoga skills 2) Keep on living a healthy life (= still a lot of sport, vegan more than only vegetarian), 3) Be creative 4) Learn new stuff (thanks to your Skillshare code mainly ahah) 5) Love myself more and don't be hard on myself. 6) Travel.
    Thank you again for all your wonderful content and happy new year !

  5. Spending more quality time with my friends, learning how to use Illustrator so that I can launch my own planner, start dancing again!
    I've just been getting started with these goals and I can't emphasize it enough not to be too hard on yourself! This video was such an inspiration! 🌷

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