1. THAT was a powerful vid brother. The Holy Spirit is working through you here and congrats on your victories over weed and kratom. That sounds like a great Christian group of people discussing their struggles with addiction and that is a solid outreach to have in a church. I thought the Lord was done with me after 9 years being away from the church and the Word, but as you said, Jesus NEVER gives up on anybody. Going to church for the first time today in a LONG time and I will need discernment to see if this is where the Lord wants me to worship. You never know in vegas. I have started at the beginning by reading John and now on to Acts and the Holy Spirit. What a great book in the Bible..exciting. Jason, I like the Hawaii hat! Cool!
    I have studied the effects that kratom has on the neurotransmitters of the brain and it seems that it takes time for the brain to achieve "homeostasis" or balance. Kratom rewires our brains and depending on how long you have used it, how much and how often, it will take time to rewire back to normal. This is why you have those weird feelings and thoughts, usually an anxious feeling. I know I am on a trip with kratom because my pain is gone, but I perceive the world around me in a different way, as if it were not real. Same holds true coming off. Just hang loose and let the Lord work on healing you in His time. God is ALL good, ALL the time. You are a living testimony brother. God bless and Aloha!

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