🔴Live! Harvest 2018 Part 5 – Welker Farms Inc

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  1. I did a little research and counting over and over, because i could"nt believe what i saw. 35 bushels/acre? Realy? Then i did look what the yield was in the Netherlands in 2017. I counted it over and over. Bushel to kilogram, acre to hectare, visa versa, etc. And my outcome was 160 bu/ac. I can hardly believe it. That big difference. You told in this video (37.16) about the ratio between fertilizer and water. Is that the only secret? And then, don"t you have water/rain to irrigate? So that more fertilizer would make more sence? I just don"t get it, that big difference. My respect for you guys is groing more and more! Perhaps you did explain it somewhere already, but i did"nt see it yet. With kind regards, Gerrit.

  2. Love your videos. One comment though, you could post some info about your equipment so that folks don't keep asking. I'm sure it is annoying for you. Kind of gets old to me. Cheers.

  3. Honestly I'd rather just watch the farm related stuff. I don't really need to see more americans playing with guns. Theres enough of that crap on the net already. Keep with the farming theme 👍

  4. Hey Nick. The honey from Power MT, that is Smoot Honey. My classmate from Big Sandy MT, Penny Robertson Smoot is owner with her husband, true story. 😀😀😀😀😀

  5. There should be a model plate on the Peterbilt at the bottom of the dash to the left of the steering column. The drag chain is a good idea. Remember hearing about lots of fires when John Deere started making all the shields out of plastic. You guys have a definite advantage with all your fields so close together. The hour spread on our combine is much larger than 300 hours.

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