YouTube vs. Weed – THG

Just Tyler in this one- in light of YouTube reinstating WeedTuber’s channels. Should creators keep pursuing life outside YouTube? Or do these channels coming …


  1. Kys you deleted all the content of your channel months ago and now you leave this to rot after ruining its originality fuck you buddy you should have let Q keep this channel….

  2. Good insight dude . There's no telling why youtube  changed their minds , but like you said , lets not jump the gun here . For now I'm glad the weedtubers are back .

  3. Huh, interesting… and it's not like they are being removed based on Geographics either because customgrow is on the west coast Seattle, Ruining my theory. I was going to try experimenting like uploading some bong ripping videos and demonstrating the ardent nova decarboxylator on the East Coast, then doing it with a proxy pretending I'm from Cali if those were taken down , meh then I realized that.

  4. Totally agree, I just seen Sasha's Video on YT talking about getting her channel back?! I'm happy that everyone can have their content back and hopefully save as much as possible but definitely all the creators need to be cautious they haven't really given much information to base off of for uploads and YT could give strikes out all over again. Wish you all the best, have a great day wherever you are!🍑✨

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