Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to tell if your chickens have stopped laying eggs? We’ve got some free loaders on the farm, so it’s time to see which are …


  1. Love your channel! been catching up on all your old vlogs I am new this year to all these homesteading channels. Started with Arms family Homestead because of the kiko's then, Homesteady, MI gardener,living traditions homestead, Lumna acres,Justin Rhodes, and now Hollar homestead and Roots and refuge. Yours is one of the most fun to watch, But I don't see enough new ones. Now that I can watch more in this weather(more time for you tube).We have 40 acres in western, NY and have 11 chickens, a dog and a large garden. Hoping for Kinko's next year. We started our homestead a few years ago bought this land then planted lots of fruit,nut and berries. Then built our house. We were just talking about the chickens slowing down glad to see there is a way to tell if they will lay again. Does it also work if they are just in a lull from molting or winter blues?

  2. Taking care of your animals, look em in the eye and kill them is the biggest betrayal of all. I don't like you because you are a heartless soul with no empathy at all. The world would be better of if people like you just disappeared from it. I mean it.

  3. I have a question (even if this video was 2 years ago.) I'm trying to figure out if some of my girls are laying or not. What are you feeding them, and if there are more fingers between that bone and the vent does that mean they might be laying or not? I really love your channel and thanks so much if you reply to this!

  4. Awesome info!!! Tks
    On my way to get more bird, already grown, so NOW I know what to look for 😁
    A year ago as a newbie, I went to weekend local stock sale. The guy said they were one year old, in full production. Ha I maybe got 10 eggs tops all year from those girls… but they do eat lots of bugs and help clean up the spent garden. Informed now!!!!!

  5. Just watched your culling video on butchering old hens, and now this one. We will be culling our first soon as there getting older and we have many younger one's. Both are great info and answered many questions. thank you so much! Blessings everyone!

  6. interesting topic but horrendos instructions and planning. Lady assumes all viewers know much. She explained little and quickly not minding her audience. redo it. but thanks for the effort.

  7. Tudod mit, őszintén, én nem fogom lesegetni a valagulat , meg nyomkodni a hasukat stb, esetem egyszerű mind, ill egyik se tojik. Továbbra se ttudni mitől van , de hogy végelgyengülésben fognak meghalni az is biztos , mert eddig még nem vágtam le semmit, nem is fogok hehe 😉

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