1. Ok-so they are attempting to do they're job but almost everyone of "them" thinks they are boss and "we" haveto comply to their every wish – and the #1 absolute bullshit "request" is "Let me see some ID" -this isnt N Korea-fuckoff

  2. Honestly I am so fucking sick and tired of people being fucking jackasses to police officers. Officers are people. They are fucking humans and they have limits. Do as they ask and guess what? You won't have an issue with them. The sovereign citizen bullshit just makes the people saying that shit seem like utter retards. A lot of officers don't want to deal with you period. YOU give them a reason to and that's why they approach you.

  3. You ever give a thought to what it's like to be a police officer. I bet half of you think eating donuts and driving around trying to fill a quota.

    They have to deal with stupid people like this a regular. People who are just trying to be cute and make a point nobody truly cares about. They work long hours, spend more time at work then with their families. And then there's that day they may not come home because some asshole takes them out.

    Everyone has bad days at work but you know that your work will not prevent you from going home at the end of the day.

  4. i think with security risk and mad killers and terrorist and psychopaths, the police should be able to not allow the taping or videoing of a public police station, for this reason what if its a plot to inform a terrorist group with accessible video information to do harm to our leo's, i think he should have to show his damn ID. this country keeps laxing in our laws, and now look at our damn borders, and these idiot dems who will not secure our borders, and our president asking us to contribute to the wall, is not good, they print the money and waist 100k a night on trips and partying our corrupted politicians fund the damn wall , print the money secure the borders, are may the mad ass murders and demonic people come invade your mansions , ass holes criminal dem nast party, DNC dirty nasty criminals. vote them all out, please.

  5. This is why Cops are hated so much. They dont know the law or they dont care and who governs the police is themselves. They always start with you look suspicious and then ask for ID.

  6. You're funny for sure, but these cops have better things to do than be instigated… most of them are fools… we agree… but you're a waste of their time in at least half of these clips… couldn't in good conscience thumbs up your channel.

  7. Treat people like you want to be treated, and nearly every time, everything will turn out ok. Police are human, there are cops that are angels, and cops that are assholes, same goes with Doctors, plumbers, auto mechanics, janitors, etc etc.

  8. Dude in the second clip is one of them pussy dudes that go out trying fuck with cops and exercise their rights for no apparent reason. I understand it's legal to record in public yes. But it is alil suspicious filming a police station in today's day and age you never know what some psycho is filming a police station for. Im not some cop defender unless it's a polite and right copper. But fuck that pussy filming the station the cop was just trying to understand the situation.

  9. Ok MOST of these videos (not all)are just people being assholes to the police,by trying to make them angry and say something they are not supposed to…I mean the police can be wrong at times but trying to lead them to a mistake is just stupid

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