THC-Free Cannabis Strain Developed by International Science Team

Did you know there is not a THC-free cannabis strain created by a team of scientist that is not hemp, read about it here …


  1. they spent money getting rid of what people like me ricky and snoop are immune to and either avoiding mixing high levels of terpenes or never considered making a plant better for regular users, and what extensive strain programming did they do to characterize this thc free joke prone to be legally sold to children to form government fund, they probably put as much genetics in as anyone leaching off bushmen or farmers

  2. No thank you I will stay away from GMO I will stick with nature made THC stuffed The reason why the plant actually cures Cannabis the only way cannabis Exists Anything that man has ever made has turned to shit and has done nothing but harm that is a fact And is based on religious prophet of monetary value And corporatist death management allopathic medical marijuana dogma hype Full of nothing but greedy lawyers and corporatists like The normal foundation. The whole medical marijuana movement is nothing but a Farce And illegitimate little beggars for taxes and regulations you will all fail . cannabis is and will always be free market and have THC And your opinions circular logic religions dogmatic beliefs and scientism And logical fallacies cannot and will not present any factual logic And are illegitimate Prove me wrong let's see a cancer patient stage for be cured by this GMO crop of not cannabis

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