Recreational marijuana petition surpasses signature requirement

Green The Vote announced Sunday that it has compiled enough signatures — 132527, to be exact — for State Question 797 to be put up for vote on the Nov.


  1. We need to organise a national petition effort to decriminalize nationally. 200000 signatures per state would give us 10 million signatures. I think we could do far more. It's way past time we force the govt to come in line with the opinion of the vast majority of Americans left and right. We may not agree on much but people on both sides agree on this. In this time of division we should have of moment of unity on something that will improve American in many ways over night. From criminal justice, policing, racial disparities, industrial applications, land use application, green products, green energy, carbon reduction, increased production and revenue nationally. Redirecting funds away from cannabis prohibition and towards real issues. So much more. This prohibition is a handicap on American potential.

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