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Rens Polman tells you the do’s and don’ts to reduce the risks of using poppers (Amyl Nitrite). A yellow, stinking and most of all, flammable liquid that brings you …


  1. I tried them last night, was ok, but I got carried away and I had a really bad trip on them, I was scared, made me realize how bad drugs of any kind can be, not being in control of the mind is a dangerous thing.

  2. Hello. I won t to try firstime poppers on techno party, can t poppers combinate, mix, when drink coffein/ energy drink(red bull, monster) or is danger? I wanna snif poppers and drink 2x beer and 3x energy drink. It is ok or not??

  3. Buy the strongest brand you can get, like Rush Ultra Strong. The additives make it spoil faster. I suspect it's the moisture in the air that breaks down the compound and all the extra alcohols and random stuff collect moisture from the air. And once it starts breaking down, it's a chain reaction. Then it will start to irritate your skin and it's stings when you sniff it. But Rush Ultra Strong won't go bad like the rest of them and you'll get consistent results. It's a shame that people think this is just some gay thing. It would add some spice to everybody's sex life. I'd say it multiplies the pleasure.

  4. Please try San Pedro !, or same named Wachuma by the Incaican civilization from South America, it's a psychodelic drug that grows on a big cactus wich have a really beautiful flower in it. The active component it's the mezcaline, the Peyote have it too, that have componentes of dimethyltryptamine (dmt), I think you' re gonna feel it really good, If it's outside, better.

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