How to pick the right pot size for your indoor grow | Spectrum King LED knowledge

What size pot you choose for your indoor grow is very important. It all depends on what you want to achieve, what strains you want to grow, what size grow you …


  1. I've heard 50gal of soil per 4'x4', divided up into the number of plants you want to grow. ie. 16 plants in 3gal pots, 9 plants in 5gal pots, 4 plants in 10gal pots, etc. You don't need as big a pot for coir. I'm doing 9 plants in 6" Grodan cubes and that's plenty.

  2. Nice I'm finally doing something almost right I always use for inside 5-gallon pots and outside 15 and 20 gallon pots. Thanks for the information it's always entertaining

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