How to Find the Best Marijuana for You (w/Guest Angela Becca)

As more and more States begin to legalize and decriminalize Marijuana, a lot of people are wondering what kind should they get and why. Thankfully Angela …


  1. Thank you for this open conversation. I was hoping to know about CBD oil to relieve pain in arthritic joints. I hope you can invite someone from the carbinoid science investigation team some time soon.

  2. Thank You Thomm for inviting Angela, for the enlightenment on CBN. The Web showed ignorance on this chemical. One was touting to artificially gather it. Another told of how ultra-violet light, oxygen, and time produced CBN with cannibis degredation, BUT failed to show the good it does.. I'm so glad I watched this because outside of this Web sight, there is nothing on CBN or Angela's work on it.

  3. Drink coffee with weed if you want to take the edge off. I don't mix weed with alchohol. But if alcohol makes you sick, weed will make you feel better. But alcohol does not help the medicinal qualities weed.

  4. Huh? My head is spinning, why do you lot in the USA make everything soooo complicated? An old traditional herbalist explained to me that the best plants are not the lush water filled ones but the ones found in harsher environments. Just smoke, do not over process, if you do you loose too much that may be good.

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