1. I want a good, strong, healthy gut… but im also trying to gain weight over this winter as i’ve gotten too skinny for my liking. Will bone broth exclusively support my weight gain journey? I’m working out multiple times a day, but just have no appetite and have gotten to the point of skipping eating because im scared its just going to hurt.

  2. If your in a rush or your gut is hurting you , here are the 9 steps without having to wait :
    – Chew your food properly (30 ,60 to 75 times)
    – MonoMeast (eat one type of food one at a time)
    – BoneBroth
    -Fermented Foods
    -Peppermint oil
    – Ginger
    – Rebounder (Trampoline ?)
    – Core 4 ? ( means : Hydration , consume more fluids , water , juices , bonebroth etc… ,
    – Lipids/Fats Healthy Fats like fish , olive oil ,
    – Fiber (Fruits & vegatbles)
    -PROBIOTICS (very important)

  3. Wow! The Lord showed me to get bone broth before I saw this! I have PCOS, and am a celiac. I eat mainly veggies, chicken and fish and the occasional rice noodle. I'm very overweight and can not seem to lose it. I need help… my gut hates me and I'm getting sick of eating. 🙁 they say pcos and celiac can not be cured… can the body heal from these too?

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