1. Avocado's worked out how to sell people deer penis powder from NZ deer farms , so his woo woo is balanced by a healthy dose of sociopathy and capitalism. 15:05 for example – he knows he's a champion –> he's always known at a visceral level that he's better than 95% of plebs, so he's happy to sell crap along with the modicum of good advice that he's borrowed from other people.

  2. Is this London Real presenter a nutcase?he seems like he might be.woo woo cringey af multilevel marketing type people.both of them.Unless this is an exposé,then well played.

  3. The sun is the same size at noon as it is on the horizon when it rises and sets. Anyone witnessing the sun rise or set on the ocean can verify this. On a flat earth, the sun should be infinitely small at the horizon, just as a car would that's traveling away from you. Flat earthers like to claim that it's only so large at the horizon due to magnification from the atmosphere. Completely forgetting that magnifying something that is essentially infinitely small is not going to increase its size that dramatically. The atmosphere does not have the same power as a scanning electron microscope. Please work on your critical thinking skills.

  4. I don't want to hear about stars I want to hear about herbs and plants it's so boring when you're try to look someone up to hear about herbs nature and they sit there and talk about individuals it's boring

  5. Mr. Wolf, I am trying to block you from sending your very long advertisements to my cellphone. Also when you push and unsubscribe at the bottom ( if it's there- not always there) If it is at the bottom of some of your emails – it doesn't work. I don't remember ever subscribing to you, but when I push 'unsubcribe' it takes me right to the advertisement I don't want to see or have anything to do with. And does not allow you to unsubscribe. I want to unsubscribe and I can't do this so I am reporting this to an internet legal department. So that they will unsubscribe you from my phone. Or maybe you could fix this problem on your messages and advertizements????? If that's something that you could do for me I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  6. I really can't work out why people follow the work of a man who believes gravity is not a real force and salt is the thing that holds all of our water on the earth. Without the salt it would levitate into the cosmos. Please tip your tin foil hat to this wonderful man

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