1. Chugged a big bottle of Blue Frost Gatorade and filled another one up right after with Certo and shook it well. Chugged that bottle and followed it up with a third garorade without Certo . Within 30 minutes I had to piss real bad. 15 minutes after the first piss I pissed again. 15 minutes after the second piss I pissed for the third time. After the third piss I went next door to doctor and gave a urine sample so I could get my script of adderall. Not sure if it worked, but I feel optimistic and will find out the results in 5 days. I personally feel that 3-4 bottles of water is sufficient, because you don’t want to flush out the Certo. Entire process for me was 2.5 hours

  2. I really wish some of you knew how to form a proper sentence with proper english … HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO UNDERSTAND HALF THE SHIT SOME OF YOU PEOPLE POST ! smfh – No Wonder You Can't Get a Job -_-

  3. You're supposed to use both packs with a 32oz. Red Gatorade for color and drink a bottle of water afterwards then piss at least twice before you take the test. No need for vitamin B.

  4. This is my guess on whats actually happening. You are just diluting your piss, this is a fact, and the certo is providing necessary solutes to make it appear as though the piss hasn't been diluted. Or perhaps certo actually is reacting with thc as both are being metabolized making a new compound that is not looked for when doing characterization. Either case, its suspicious to hand over a sample that is close to clear with no color.

  5. Hell nawhh dude some people are sayin it work but I'm skeptical bout anything about this shit and I'm on probation as well but I ain't smoke in 5 months but I have been in cars were its hotboxed with smoke that enough of a risk for me but ima hopefully be off these next 2 months it sucks I cant find a full proof way😭

  6. (icup 5 panel drug test for work.I am 6ft 240lbs .HEAVY smoker for years until a week ago) 12pm: took me about 30 minutes to down both 88cent big gatorades from walmart with the certo in them of course.i filled oned gatorade bottle with water and drank it about 1pm. pissed a good 3 times before i went and took my test at 1:30….i start monday morning at 8am !

  7. need to put one pack of certo in Gatorade and drink it followed by a half a gallon of water, going to pee a lot. need to do this one day before the drug test and then again the day of 3 to 4 hours before the test……

  8. This guy waited too long your not supposed to wait for 3 hours.. I've been doing this method for 7 years an have never failed…take the certo mix it with whatever kinda juice and drink a gallon or so if water and after an 1 1/2 hours has lasted go take your drug test…

  9. Man I use this drug test this for every drug test I take it's worked every single time I am on I'm on the apartment of Corrections in Michigan for parole and I pass every one of my drug test whatever you did you did it wrong you don't wait 3 hours before you take your test you only wait long enough to take you 3 piss and then take your test try that and I guarantee it works stop giving people negative stuff

  10. Lol this is how you pass
    Step 1.drink 1 gallon BEFORE TAKING THE CERTO
    Step 2. P at least 6 times before taking the certo
    Step 3. Take certo 1 hour before you have to take your drug test
    Step 6. Take drug test and your good. Note you only need one pack out of the 2 good luck to all out there going though testing best of luck

  11. Bullshit, my best friend was on felony probation. Had to drop continuously. He would smoke on the way to the probation office. He passed every time. Drink a pack and piss once then hold until the test. Worked every time

  12. Update:

    I will soon try it again and not wait as long. I will do the certo and wait 1 hour instead of 3 hours like I said in the video.

    Next update: approx 2 weeks

    ***I would recommend following each direction but only wait 1 hour and not 3 hours! Especially if you are FAT.

  13. I smoked on monday and had a test on Tuesday the next day and passed, long story short is dont be such a white kid pussy and overthink the situation lmao. Believe me I was scared shitless cause I only had about 3 hours til my test til I even realized I was getting tested so I ran to the store and bought that and a Gatorade lol and still managed to pass my test by drinking it an hour and a half before my test and pissing twice after i drank it. I was really skeptical about it but it worked so… try again lmao

  14. Homie, mix it a 16.9 FL oz watter bottle put some mio flavoring in it and chug it. It tastes like shit, I almost threw up, but chug it then chug another bottle of water. Wait 45 minutes because that's how long it takes to get your bladder moving. Then piss 3x on the 4th check your self. You'll pass

  15. for those heavy smokers that stopped smoking for over 30 days don't fuck around use certo the day of test. I was a heavy smoker knew I had a pre employment test coming up an failed my DOT pre employment test it came back at 26ng on a 25ng cut off. I have a CDL and had to go threw SAP just to be employable. SAP was 550.00 then you have to find a company willing to give you a chance then atleast 6 fallow up ua tests in a year. so if you smoke always flush before the test never assume you are clean

  16. I have used certo 2 times in the past 3 months for a DOT ua and passed both times at 25ng cut offs. i'm not a heavy smoker but both tests where 10 days from last time I smoked and I smoked high thc bud. but you need atleast 10 days clean could be less but I was scared with just 10 days. flushing help if you have time. the day before drink a lot of water piss clear all day the day before. the day of test get up early drink water piss atleast 3 times then 2 to 3 hours before test I used sunny D mix 1 pack certo with sunny D (tastes better) in a 16 ounce bottle slam it down 15 min later do it again with the second certo pack drink more water keep pissing pee atleast 3 times before test. creatine and b12 help to avoid dilution. creatine must be started 4 days before test. like I said I passed 2 DOT ua test at 25ng cut off

  17. I did this today and it works. I did it be for I use the certo and had one line and after I use it I had 2 lines only thing my pee was hella clear..but other then that it work no stress now I can go pee for my po now.

  18. Here's how you pass, drink an ice cold glass of water, wait 10 minutes, drink one pack of Certo, wait 15 minutes then drink the other pack, wait 10 minutes, keep drinking ice cold water after that until you have pissed 3 times, after that your clean for 4 hours as long as you keep drinking cold water. The chilled water keeps it jelled.

  19. What i do and ive done it several times (on probation) as well as for pre employment. Drink BOTH packets in that box 2-3 hours before u go test. Yes drink a lot of water and make sure u piss AT LEAST 5 times before u go test. I usually dont use the b12 pills personally but i chug a rockstar about 45mins-1hour before i have to piss. Works every time. Sorry but u did it wrong. I know people who were on parole who did this method n tested every week and it worked every time.

  20. I drink it two hours before and I pee about 4-5 times before I usually am clean
    I also but weed drug test from the dollar store (they work) and I test myself till I’m clean. it usually take about 45-90 minutes before it starts to get you peeing (my experience )

  21. Did not work for me. Haven’t smoked for 2 + weeks. Drank it exactly 3 hours before my test. Took vitamins and everything. Still failed my take home tests. Just want people to know this isn’t 100% good luck to everyone.

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