1. The scene where Shatter was beating the heck out of bee could’ve been from both annoyance and anger. Annoyance came from the fact that Bee and Charlie were interrupting her plans and anger came from the Dropkick’s death. I can’t quite put my finger on it but to me it seemed like Shatter really cared for Dropkick in some way.

  2. Optimus: we will fight on, regroup, rebuild and retake our home but we must find refuge first you will travel to earth once we gather the others we'll join you. you must protect the planet if the decepticons find it then our people are truly finished. Stay safe soldier, I am coming.

    Dropkick: Prime is coming here?

    Shatter: Their all coming here, this is our chance to wipe out the Autobots resistance for good.

    Dropkick: we will burn the hole planet to sinders.

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