Building a Budget Dry Room – Harvesting & Drying Marijuana

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  1. Love this Ep. I now need to make a decision on if I want to use my spare tent for a Drying Tent or for a budget Auto Tent for Late Veg/Harvest (I have a tent for flower/harvest and germination/early veg) so Yup great episode for sure, Thanks again @FromSeedToStoned and of course to Ann, Stoked to see the new Patreon growing season. Keep it Lit both of you and see you on Patreon.
    Peace w/ Love

  2. Dear owner, I have a NON pot related offer for you: I dub your videos with my voice on a separate channel and we split the profits from such as amazon. There is a huge grow market developing over there but youtube doesnt have any interesting videos in russian, just a few lame one's

  3. How do i enter to win? I would love some equipment. I just started growing and my grow closet is so low budget. I would love and appreciate entering the contest. I love your videos btw. They help me with my own grow!

  4. Great video! Trying to start my first grow. Quick question, if I have really good soil, are nutrients absolutely necessary or are they just an added bonus? Trying to make My first grow as simple as possible until I get comfortable with the whole process. Thanks!

  5. yeah lets see the large tent BUDGET GROW…using these new style super bright MICRO LED 450w with the best color spectrum coverage claim yet….$70 per light I have ordered two now…the first one impressed me…claim is 18 inches from plants is possible maybe 24 inches for some strains…two would work for 4 or 6 plants….and how about a GDP Grand Daddy Purp…seems to be the overall top purple strain…you said you were looking to grow one….CLAIM IS COLORED STRAINS will look the way they should with LED vs HID lights…as clearly seen growing a purple pepper…the HID light got purple peppers but the leaves were all green…THE ENTIRE PLANT WAS ALL PURPLE under the LED the way it looks in nature…..

  6. two things I noticed you have not mentioned Co2 in your last two seasons as you did the first…and how big is your air scrubber in the larger tent? smell should be a major issue for me but still some concern…I will actually have a door that will close behind me instead of a tent…??? thanks

  7. Hey guys.. I hope someone can help me..
    Iam planning my first ever grow and every blog says you shouldnt use any techniques on the plant and doesnt use any nutrients ?(just for your very 1st grow ) can I still expect big buds and great results?

  8. Hi my friend just wontes to ask is there any chance you could do another cheese grow from the sea company barneys Farm triple cheese fam just wanted to see how it grows much appreciated if you could

  9. Hey so are you going to one video a week now till the next grow starts ? – will you do more autos from crop Kong’s seeds – other seeds banks ant working for me for some reason won’t accept my payment or send to the USA

  10. I can’t get behind throwing away ANYTHING that I’ve grown. You’re literally throwing away medicine. Do your thing man, I just can’t wrap my head around throwing out perfectly good budskeez.

  11. I have a question. K first off I'm poor. I have 2 unknown strains I got from a friend. Planted them. They got them in a large box lined with tinfoil. I have a fan going and they are in organic soil pots are 2 gal. I have 2 65 watt LED grow bulbs and a 65 watt LED bulb and a 28 watt cfl. They are growing nice but my question is am I gonna need more light when I go into flower. They are 5 inches tall bushy and I only want to let them get 2 ft tall when I go to 12-12. I'm on 18-6 now.

  12. I thought i heard you mention you were going to DWC next season. I was reading some forums he only veg'd for 2 weeks in DWC. I bring this up because my last dwc was the jack herer and it was in veg for 3.5 weeks and after i flipped her into flower she didnt start to show for another 3-4 weeks it was a very long stretch so this season my new grow is Power Plant i am going to veg for 2-3 weeks then flip into flower if she takes 3-4 weeks to transition i will get a pretty nice stretch. I am going to scrog this one also. Check your snap for updated pictures bro

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