10 Suppressed Inventions That Could Have Changed The World

A cure for cancer, a device that would provide free energy for everyone on Earth and a water powered car, these are just some of the extraordinary inventions …


  1. 'like' ?
    if ur not a beta slave of tha brave new world in a system of 1984 distopia fking shit n know more than this
    there is all declasified file on cia site about ovni and project stargate .. u can find declassified file bout haarp climate changing program and tesla 'death ray' lol .. and aftha u see that gov sell crack 2 they population 2 finance war .. u see that bush family did deal with benladen family .. u see they spy on everyone … one day u learn economy and why ford said if ppl knew how it work they would rebel .. its just dept and as long we can do more money its working .. making ppl forced 2 work for nothing making thing 2 break (documentary of obsolescence programme) bla bla bla … just wait and one day they will find a way 2 predict every revolution with all data and they will create the science of volonter slavery 😀

    'At the end of fiscal year 2018, there were 5,792 secrecy orders in effect.''


  2. I get some of it. We developed robotic nondestructive testing to change the way bridges and infrastructure are inspected globally. The reluctance to move away from manual subjective inspections and utilize modern technology and robotics to keep our infrastructure safe has been a sore lesson. Times are changing though and the importance of properly maintaining our infrastructure could force the issue. https://www.infrastructurepc.com

  3. The big monopolies will never allow you to step in with a new superior technology because they have too much to lose and in some cases will kill you. It is costing us huge enviromental damage but who gives a damn when you can make millions out of it eg oil .

  4. Okay. If humanity wants to have any chance of evolving as a species they first need to take out those that try to halt such evolution. We could already be living better lives, have fewer to no diseases, and we would've had free energy if not for disgustingly shallow greedy bastards. Cause, of course, money and greed are far more important than life and well being…according to them. Stand against them without fear. You know what to do, people.

  5. Separating hydrogen and oxygen as raw fuel from water is not a contested concept anymore at all. The reason it is not currently done is because it currently requires more energy to be supplied than is returned by combusting the hydrogen and oxygen. If you vibrate water at a high enough frequency, you can literally light it on fire. But again, it takes more energy than you get out of the system, so it isn't viable yet.

  6. what do you expect the US government will always discredit and bully inventors of life saving cancer treatments cus they cant take cancer patient's money like they can with the long painful and sometimes ineffective chemo or radio theropy

  7. Cures for cancer seriously, free energy and water powered cars. This country (the us) is not for progress its for keeping money in the hands of the elite few and letting the populous starve, die and foot the bill for pretty much everything. I ginuinely dont understand this world or the people in it sometimes. Let individuals die so we can have money…its inhumane.

  8. Orgone? That sounds ridiculous and that guy was probably a con-man. Also, bio-fuel is a scam(like operating the harvesters), more fuel goes into producing the crops that comes out of them. The European Union has a great interest in developing alternative fuel and energy sources because if the Greenland ice melts the Gulf Stream will stop flowing and Europe will suffer an ice age. Also, you really think a guy named Hoxey wouldn't perpetrate a "hoax"? Mixing complicated chemical compounds is bound to be a useless endeavor.

  9. This tells us what's the cause of the human destruction – the neoliberal capitalism based of greed and race for profit. That's what needs top be destroyed and people's power will do that, sooner or later.

  10. I have just read Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries edited by Jonathen Eisen (1994 NEXUS publishing) and it does go into each invention and inventor with more detail.
    The first priority of the book is health; especially cancer. Hoxey's father had a horse that had cancer until it was let loose into a wild field where it ate certain herbs that completely cured the growth. Hoxey described this treatment as an alternative chemo therapy but the drug companies were hostile, same with Royale Rife. The book goes into how a number of their labs were burnt down and patent plans were stolen. Regardless of wether you think they work or not there was a lot of scumbaggery on the part of the AMA and the FDA and at the end of the day people should have the right to choose. THAT RIGHT WAS REFUSED!!

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