1. I feel like my life is starting to end (not literally) but nothing is really happening anymore my love life I’ve tried my hardest and still failed now there is nothing else to do but sit here and rot feeling empty watching everyone else being happy in their relationships

  2. I'm not sure if you will ever see this Witt, but I honestly and truly hope you will find peace in your heartbreak. This community you have built can truly understand what it means to lose your first love; especially if that relationship was toxic. That pain can run deep and sometimes we just want an answer for it. I truly hope that one day you will find that answer, and I hope you will find yourself along the way.

    From a person who can relate to another – Stay Humble

  3. This song means so much to me right now.
    I've been in love with this girl for 8-10 years, so to say the entire time that I've known her.
    The 1st of January 2018 we got together but yesterday she told me she just wants to be my friend and it hurts so much even though we were just together for 18 days.
    Those 18 days meant so much to me and so does she.
    We agreed to continue on as friends but I love her so much and it's gonna take time.
    Thank you for this song, Witt Lowry.

  4. Your music speaks to each one of us dude, We all have our struggles, and you always come through with some real lyrics to help us out. Every song you send out comes at just the right time when its needed. Your impact is huge bro, keep up the beautiful music.

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