Why Weight Watchers Didn’t Work

Sharing why weight watchers didn’t work for me in today’s video. This particular experience was from doing the points plus plan, though I’m not sure how much …


  1. Hey Stephanie! Nice vid! Have you tried the Ketogenic (Keto) diet?… It's really good and I'm doing it myself. From my experience I've had more energy, less cravings for sugary foods, i've still been able to eat stuff that I like as you can make stuff like keto cakes, bread, pizza and the list goes on and on… Iv'e been more alert and able to concentrate better. On keto your basically telling your body to use fat as it's primary source of energy rather that carbs/sugar, by eating higher amounts of good quality fat and low carbs/sugar. YES, you can eat more fat to get lean 😅 ha! It's more of a lifestyle change then a diet and I would really recommend it. Lemme know if you want more info 🙂 and there are plenty of people on YouTube that talk about it. Maybe you can get your husband to join you lol

  2. This is what I heard:
    "I lost 30lbs following the program."
    "But then I got married."
    "Then I thought I knew the point categories anyway, and since I wasn't always checking in, I cancelled the membership."
    "Then, following the 'I know what I'm doing on my own' plan, I gained double the weight I lost."

    So to recap, the Weight Watchers plan was working (to the extent you were following it), but then you changed your desires and disciplines, only to find it stopped working and backfired on you.

    You know, that doesn't sound like an issue with the plan…

    Nor with the husband…

    Not with the expense…



    Oh, look at the time; I have to be going. Lots of less confrontational comments to write. Please excuse me. XD

    (Obviously do whatever works best for you now,
    But to blame the program in this story is faulty rationale.)

    [Please don't hate me for this comment, Stephanie;
    I just don't want you to be sued for improper defamatories.]

  3. So long story short you didn't WATCH your WEIGHT😀. Man it didn't take you long to throw your husband under the blame bus did it, someone call social media 911 we need social media paramedics here, poor brother I will pray now ROFL 😂. Lord give Stephanie's husband the strength to endure life with her and her mean ways in Jesus name amen. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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