1. What kind dry herb smoker do you have? Nice to see flower strains, I got Mandarin Dream in Indica, I use Harlequin during day, for CBD it’s really nice, love Dream for night, Thanks 🙏 Sharing

  2. Why not just roll up a raw paper joint and smoke one…. like the song says… ain't nothin like the real thing…. I've done and tried every method. A raw paper joint is the best imo

  3. It's a shame you have to hammer open your buds. Bureaucratic nanny state nonsense but it's better than nothing I suppose….. that's not freedom…. hopefully the new governor will be better than the last one. Florida would be so much better if they legalized it completely….. and maybe stop all the state privatization of everything to make some people rich like private prisons and private corporation cps. Its make pot legal and fix the red ride and Florida would be the best place in the world. I already love it but it can always be better. That's my 2 cents

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