Three A Light Review – How To Grow 3 Pounds Of Marijuana A Grow Light

Can you grow marijuana and get 3 pounds per grow light? We talked to Joshua Haupt and how his secret grow methods are crushing it. Get the full story here by …


  1. If its half pictures that aren't diagnostic, its a children's book. In any case, 1.2g/w in a locked down CO2 rig with very high output genetics and growth hormones (yes, the products they "recommend" probably have unlabeled growth hormones that are really cheap) isn't particularly impressive. At first, I thought this claim was wild until I realized that this is a spin job. They take the 10% of grows that can possibly achieve these results and advertise it as though this is 90% of the grows possibility. Sorry folk. Most plants yield less than the best plants no matter what magic secret sauce you buy or cook up. It isn't possible to do 1.2g/w of 25% THC tops only in 8 weeks flower with most plants.

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