Swimming Freestyle smooth. Learn how to swim easy graceful front crawl..

Knowing how to swim smooth freestyle is essential for lap swimmers, triathletes, open water swimmers, waterpolo players, crossfit athletes and basically anyone …


  1. is the number of kicks is always 6? even for a 50m swimmer (3kicks-1strokes) and always synchronized (left arm – right leg/right arm – left leg). btw. I learn how to swim by watching your videos, I love your videos because you told us every detail, there's a lot of information for beginners and also for an advanced swimmer, good job my friend 🙂

  2. Hi. I have been Swimming for a few years. A few days back I swallowed water , experienced choking and I am still unable to figure out what would have happened. I almost drowned. Can you please suggest what to do when encountered with such situations?

  3. Wow! Your Teams gear at the shop is awesome. I scooped up two caps and some socks with hopes that goggles would be available sometime in the future. I appreciate the dedication you all bring to the swim culture. You do so much to keep and it keeps my focus strong when I realize there's so much reconstruction in my technique to complete each week. You all are wonderful.

  4. 이런 동영상 정말 좋습니다. ~! 설명도 아주 잘 정리하여 핵심만 적어 주신듯 하여
    많은 공감이 됩니다. ! 앞으로도 좋은 영상들 부탁드려요 ~ ^^
    감사합니다. !

  5. Damn, that makes sense, but I probably never would have figured it out myself. I'm taking huge gulps of air, then struggling to exhale it all over four strokes… so it seems logical that I'm taking on way more air than is necessary. I didn't really get the second part though — is it just that the recovery portion (above water) shouldn't be prolonged? That means reducing glide time too, though… although maybe it's a better trade for efficiency overall.

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