Starting tissue culture cannabis. Stage 1 Introduction

After trying to fit bulky camera equipment in our tiny tissue culture space, I simply tucked my phone under a tray above the handling area. In this video which …


  1. How is this not just a complicated way of cloning? It looks like you're just taking cuttings, bleaching them, and rooting them in tubes. I really think there is more to it than this.

  2. What's the smallest size sample of tissue can be used with this method? I've noticed that you have quite large 'cuttings' for this video. However I've heard that tissue culture can be done with as little as a single cell. Is there a reason why you use such a large sample? Pro's/con's?

    Have you ever tried to use tissue culture with smaller samples or say from a piece of leaf or stem nub?


  3. why aren't you wearing gloves dude? also…
    why aren't the natural rooting hormones desirable? I don't see this as being beneficial to any but a quite select group of licensed cultivators that run Maximum
    production limits. not for the home grower unless they're running some kind of illicit large scale operation. I can see cooperative grows using sterile culture…
    but when it comes to feasibility, clones from cuttings will always be the go to for legal home growers.
    I considered sterile culture for ornamental and functional landscaping plants once…
    but reconsidered. I would most likely only use this in a research setting when trying to reproduce many clones of a selected chemotypes for surgically accurate breeding and Gene selection…

  4. The best starts are from clean vegetative branch tips. Plants that have begun flowering have many small small meristems and are more difficult to clean. i advise attemptung only aftervmastering basic introduction.
    Tissue culture is one of the tools you can use to reset the genetics. It is a matter of turning on inactice stress genes from the earlier years. The TC hormones will activate some of those genes, and the minerals in the media directly feed into the tissues.

  5. Can you take a cutting from a flowering plant or a plant re-vegged after flower ? Will this reset the genetic age of the plant restoring the vigor ? I misjudged a plant during a pheno hunt and very upset I killed the mother. I still have it in flower though for another week or two and I have a microclone kit on the way.

  6. I am always happy to do updates. most of the times I am working with others that record the actoon and forget to send me the videos or links.
    the there are several advantages to makung this starter media without agar, it rinses and dilutes the chlorine, it foliar feeds the cutting, and the preservative is distributed over the entire surface.
    I would like to hear from some of the kit users who have used the liquid. We are preparing to change the starting technique to strictly liquid media.

  7. This is great!! I'm gonna have to go over all your videos in depth for more info on your techniques, I've been (re)learning TC so I can do it myself at home as you are, and having first performed vast research into what I will need to be successful, as well as the best methodology and hormone/nutrient amounts for TC of canna, I will be able begin to experiment soon … In that I researched there is a new and updated method using 2.0uM Metatopolin which comprises a one step procedure for TC… The paper is available online here use this to dl it I don't know if is of any help to you… But your techniques are very intriguing and I really would love if you had the time to school me more in private as I pick up my own pace with this practice!

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