SMQ AI | We All Died In 2012, The Mandela Effect, & The Changing Timeline

SMQ AI is a dedicated Mandela Effect researcher who has been on this trail since its earliest days. His ongoing coverage can be found on his YouTube channel, …


  1. I watched an old episode of Star Gate the other day and in that episode the world outside the 'dome' had been destroyed and was toxic and corrosive. The people who survived the apocalypse ran their entire environment on a mainframe computer, each person was fitted with a 'neural interface' that was stuck to their temples that controlled everything they knew and remembered. As the dome shrunk the computer culled the population by mind-controlling certain people into leaving the dome and entering the danger zone, never to be seen again, at the same time the mainframe computer fed the inhabitants updated information, omitting any reference to that person. Is it possible that they can do that shit with phones? Phones are stuck to most people's temples, and although I know Star Gate is just fiction, it makes far more sense to me that the 'net' or the 'web' has us, rather than history itself changing… call me narrow-minded…

  2. The other day I watched the newer virson of hitchikers guide to the galaxy and freaked out with those children asking the computer whats the life question, they all had BLACK EYES, I clearly REMEMBER them as Blue as I commented about how blue they were like mine when the movie came out!!. Freaky

  3. I think google and sites on the internet have been rewritten and edited by the satanic elitists…. similiar to how we have fake news. I know I have researched a topic in the past only to google it later and someone had removed or changed the facts. We are being hoodwinked . We haven't died … The elite are censoring and rewriting history.

  4. So your headline title is catchy but completely moronic. It is appointed unto man to suffer death and then the judgement. We do not need any more insanity. Damm just to get bit coins that do not exist.

  5. People who didn't give a rat's ass about whether the Lindbergh baby was ever found when they first heard that it had been abducted were unable to remember a detail that they probably never heard or read anyway. Conclusion: we must all be dead and in the afterlife. Oh well DUH! I mean, how obvious! How clearly does it have to be spelled out for you? Do you even logic, scro?

  6. From my religious Writings, all of Creation expired in 1864…that is, every single soul died in creation but was instantaneously recreated with greater capacities than in the past as a favour to all mankind wherever the spirit of man in is in Creation…this was big…all the curses of the past were expired as well, eg the curse of the triple 6…it’s a new day…a new universe…everything…but we still live in a contingent world and things can happen due to the nature of the physical matrix we live in here…not saying everything else is wrong… that would be like saying everything I learned in Grade 1 was wrong…in fact the great sages and Messengers of the past like Isaiah are quoted in our Writings because they had important, timeless, and helpful things to say…I like this post because it is a topic that intrigued me…

  7. Reminds me of how I had a idea for a breathlizer. I said can't we just make a device that can smell your breath and tell if your drunk that way your car would lock up and you wouldn't be able to drive. Month later they came out with one.

  8. Technology is for sure more advanced now. Artificial intelligence was 10 years away, or more. Then overnight, awhile back they started showing it on TV, as being a real thing. I was like, what?? Video footage from New York from 1911, is available on YouTube and it looks crystal clear. Unreal. People say, "oh yeah we had great footage in 1911?" I don't remember amazing, high resolution footage from 1911? But I can't confirm that, I'm no expert. There is a movie that deals with time travel, called "Maniac." It's on Netflix. It's a must see. It has Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, and it seems to show a parallel reality where our culture stayed in the 1980's.

  9. Ed McMahon did do the Publihers Clearinghouse. All the older guys are right and the whole conspiracy is humanity's past is being altered because someone figured out that humanity was being manipulated by external conscious forces and that the consensus reality was a fractal hologram of a lie (illusion) that created a branch in the stream of consciousness that was created by chance faulty beliefs and once found out broke that created illusion of no direct outside or external forces from another dimension or reality thus seeing through the veil that we, humanity has the power to create what is called reality. These forces' power comes from hiding, secrecy, lies, misinformation or anything but the TRUTH. Why is it that the power brokers are masters of lies and misinformation. Why is it that, we, humanity are the possessors of consciousness but know so very little about it. It origin or source, it's function and ability when being our only connection to life's apprehension of existence or life. All the deepest thinkers can say about it for certain is "I am". Nothing, not even matter is actually preceived as what it actual is, orginized energy. All are constructs of consciousness as every animal senses reality in different ways or degrees as in the ability to see light/color. This is exactly why the Buddhists call reality an illusion or Maya and samsara (cycle of aimless drifting, wandering or mundane existence).

    Bottom line, the Mandella Effect is actually the rewriting of the Matrix just as the Architect explained to Neo. Religion trying hard to name this achitect has come up with ideas like god, the source, the all when it is us, humanity and/or another entity or entities that also possess consciousness but maybe more deeply or fully. Humanity being ignorant can be lead and controlled like we control a pet by entities from a different kingdom, phylum, class, order, etc. This could even be viewed as an alien invasion of the body snatchers as some people may look similar or familiar but are not personality wise who they were. This could be another consciousness related aspect as MK Ultra has proven in their machinations with altering consciousness. This could even be a human/alien plot for absolute control and takeover of humanity's existence.

    Only takes two generations to completely rewrite or change the past as can be seen in the Mandella Effect and what the older generations remember compared to the new. The young generation should give their elders the due respect and care they deserve because they hold the keys in their memory of what was. If not the continuum will be lost and samsara will rule for the younger generation. It's being shown that even Bible verses can be altered gobally so once considered a written record is as ephemeral as the digital. You are looking at destruction of humanity in the face while thinking and worrying about a pimple on your nose or the coming Super Bowl.

    Death can come with a fundamental change of consciousness as well as a bullet to the head. 2012 was to be a change of consciousness toward our higherselves in the supportive energies of the Aquarian Age, a golden age but instead it's looking like humanity is moving from the Iron Age, the Kali Yuga to a new Lead Age instead of a Golden Age.

  10. Ed McMahon worked for a company called”American family Publishers”,which was a rip-off (exact copy) of Publishers clearing house. He never went door to door. He did do commercials though,and they probably showed him presenting a check at someone’s door in the commercial. Forrest Gumps mom said “Life is like a box of chocolates”. When Forrest tells the story, he says “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates” which makes sense. Most of these have explanations. Small minded people are manipulated quite easily. You guys have it to the point where you think we all died in 2012. Nice thing to get in peoples heads,as if things aren’t screwed up enough. Yeah we’re dead and a bunch of random words from movies changed. Fkng morons.

  11. three most difficult questions in the Universe: 1. Why was the Universe created? 2. If God created the Universe than who created God? 3. What is man’s purpose in the Universe?
    We are living In a holographic matrix. Thought (I am) materializes reality on this planet as vibrating light (hologram) is brought In through an electromagnetic frequency (vibration/sound). Thus what we 'see or think' of as a solid reality Is a hologram created through 'thought', 'light' and 'sound'. Everything in this material world Is here because our 'Higher Light Frequency of Self has called them Into being. Just like In a video game the next frame of graphics appears as the characters on the screen need them too. We are a 'Collective Consciousness of Everything Created'. Our particles instantaneously communicate with one another regardless of distance. Whether we are ten feet or ten billion miles apart, somehow each particle 'always' seem to know what the other is doing. All information Is possessed by the 'Whole' and although we 'think' we are separate from this whole we are not. Separation is an Illusion – this 'whole' or 'All that is' CANNOT be separated. We are the SIMS. We are a part of a fractal of light that makes up this entire 3rd dimension and this Holographic Universe. Your consciousness wave function collapses electromagnetic energy Into quantified digital bits of information we call matter.

  12. Although I do believe my old earth may have been destroyed by CERN (I blame CERN experiments for the ME), it happened earlier for me, so the 2012 theory doesn't work for me. I didn't discover the ME until 2016, but I was affected by it beginning in November 2009. And in the late 1990's, early 2000, the well-known Art Bell, Radio Talk Show Host, and many of his callers remembered Mandela dying in prison, so the Mandela Effect happened well before 2012. ( I was a faithful listener of his show.) I do believe our original Worldlines may have been destroyed by CERN, and somehow some of us, not all (our spirits) were transferred onto this Worldline. Some ME experiencers even recall this happening. Here is a small glimpse into my ME world, but it's much worse than I depict here.

    VIDEO: Art Bell remembered Mandela dying in prison! Although the caption in the video says this is from May 30, 2003, I believe it was re-aired on that date as Art had retired by then. I remember Art talking about this during the late 90's, earlier than 2003, but I have no proof. Maybe someone else knows.

  13. This is a mix between people not paying attention and filling in gaps in their head, on a mass scale and really intelligent and imaginative people coming up with Sci-Fi scenarios while not realising they're doing so. They're actually believing their own stories – which are fascinating and exciting, by the way, but they're just stories with no substance to back them up.
    People filling things in in their heads is exemplified by probably the dumbest Mandela Effect example of all time – that Staten Island never had a bridge to it. How idiotic do you have to be to believe they'd never have build a fucking bridge to Staten Island? People saw the movies of people taking the boat to Staten Island, but never the bridge because a movie wouldn't make a big deal about driving over a fucking bridge, so they assume there was no bridge. How the fuck do you think all that infrastructure got built? Teleportation? Christ, people.

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