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  1. Tim Leary lowkey fucked our shot back then for the transition into a western acceptance of these drugs. Obviously it's not all his falut but the government was afraid and he was insensitive when trying to explain the significance of the compounds.

  2. It is perfectly proper and safe to use these substances alone in your home.
    Mimosa Hostillis thought me how to do it.
    Because I asked her to teach me how to do it.
    The Spirit of the Plant is perfectly capable of Guiding your ceremony, without a Shaman being present.
    I can make Ayahuasca from Mimosa or Acacia in one hour and most of it is waiting.
    No puking, no bad taste.
    Pure Bliss and Majestic Wisdom……

  3. If DMT was legalized people would be overcoming their addictions left and right, and Big Pharma would collapse. So no even if the public wants it legal, the powers that be will never let them be legal in the US and watch as depression completely vanished from society.

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