1. Subbed. I want to learn no till and how to grow a decent led bud. Only got blurples till income tax time next month. My buds are dank but tiny and low yeild. Im sick of vader and gml never putting out new vids. I think ur my new channel

  2. Hey man , very intrested in what your doing , started notil in the garden , really saw the difference last year in everything from sweet potatos to og kush , im blown away with your work to be honest , im mid fortys ive seen some real class over the years but that is just leaveing me speachless, ha back to the drawing board , ive got so much to learn ……thanks man

  3. lmao every time i hear "all white", i can hear chris rock in my head, yellin' in the mic, "if it's all white, it's all right!"

    great video as always, herbin. i love what you do, keep it up. i know i said i'd make YT videos but school has had me far too busy/filming on a phone is not that glamorous lol. i find IG to be the perfect place, for me, to post short updates.


  4. Looks amazing, I'm watching all your videos, some multiple times. My 4×3 rooms might be getting one large pot with four fem plants.. Love your set up.

  5. How about your favorite OG strain you have grown and tasted. I’m about to place an order and would like to start with their best. I’m leaning alien rift after watching this though…

  6. Damn man, everything looks amazing! Well done! When this harvest is done, could you do a little in depth video about what your process is for prepping for the next run as far as the bed goes? Do you top dress amendments? Do you put a nice layer of castings down? Or, did I miss one of these videos from a pervious season? As always, thanks for the content πŸ™‚

    Another question, what do you think the minimum size for indoor no-till should be? I've been running 20 and 25 gals and I'm starting to think that they're just not big enough lol.

  7. Looking awesome. still cant say enough about how much I love your setup and would love to replicate it but the wife would freakout , with it still bein illegal here. But that don't stop me entirely. I have to 2 3x5x7 tents in a offset of basement that's just big enough for them to set sided by side. in my veg and clone tent I use just plain o flourescents in a 5500k and in flower tent I have a Aggro LED 720. Ben growing out Spanish Sour Diesel and Blueberry for a little over year now and love both. Cheers man, hope to meet u someday at an event, and have a great weekend.

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