Panic! At The Disco: Say Amen (Saturday Night) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Panic! At The Disco’s music video for ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’ from the album, Pray For The Wicked – – out everywhere now …


  1. Imperfections
    Beebo takes his shirt of, the top under neath has blood on, shirt doesnt
    She stands up after kicking beebo, and the jacket is fully on, whereas just before it was around her elbows

  2. 4:50 Hm that beat sounds familiar. WAIT, does this lead directly into "This Is Gospel" cause he's wearing the exact same clothes in both music videos?! (Converse, black dress pants and a white t-shirt) Which also leads directly into the "Emperor's New Clothes" music video!
    So I guess Brendon Urie, is the Devils key. For whatever this story is headed…

    Guessing there is a redline of a story between the music videos lately. "High Hoped" lead into "Say Amen" after he got the key and tested it's powers, but there are symbolic connections between "High Hopes, 2:59" and "LA Devotee, 3:44" … someone gotta draw up a timeline or something

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