Novae 2 – (Vaporizer Review)

TopBond sent over their brand new “Novae 2″‘ for me to try out! I’m more than stoked to get to play around with one of these. [MY SOCIAL MEDIA] → Website: …


  1. Josh, I have watched your videos since the very first video you have ever made, I have shown your channel to all of my brothers and my friends. I gotta say my dude, this is the best product review I've ever seen you do! I love the camera angles, the quality and the smoothness of the video and its transitions.
    Right on my dude! cheers Josh!

  2. Review the xmax starry. Its 100 bucks and has a huge chamber. Once you heat it up and burn off the manufacturing stuff this vape is smooth. Its also super tiny and discreet. Huge clouds. I have had 4 vapes before the starry. The starry beats them.

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