1. Its been theorized that women objectify other women because of the fact that girls are raised in a male dominated culture that always portrays women in a sexual manner. In the media whether its in the movies,magazine covers,music videos etc,womens bodies are always sexually objectified.women being raised in this environment eventually learn to see women from a males point of view; so you were dead on in your assesment lol

  2. I've done it before without thinking about it. And I think I might do it again. And use the energy for productive purposes. Y And I'm new to tour channel I like it. You speak in a way that is truthful and keeps my attention. And I really have a short attention span.

  3. Thankyou for making these videos and allowing us to admire your beauty. For me when I watch you I admire how beautiful and not in a lustful manner. It's because I admire your inner beauty just as much as your appearance. So I went out for a few drinks after work last night. I noticed I got way more horny than I was sober. Im so glad I don't do that often. I may just give up drinking unless I'm drinking wine with a beautiful lady and sex could be on the agenda. Just enough to relax. Do you also find you get hornier when drinking? I think it's better just to avoid it. Day nine down for me as well. Lets destroy our personal bests. Mine is 124 days. Take care Beautiful.

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