1. I fuck with your flow. I'm subscribing based off of this first video I've watched alone. You explain everything clearly, not too much jumbled info, and it seems like you know your shit. I'll follow along with some of your videos for sure.

  2. good video was waitin.sure you will find sum good phenos.was gonna say see u got that ballast on wood on the carpet..Maybe keep it on metal like a weight of sumtin.just for safety u kno.being that issue with that last 1 .gotta be safe man..I put my ballast on top a stellar tray ..but .who knos.look forward to the progress…love to get sum of that monster og work yadig.lol anyway take care .ima peep the chat tonite .n actually messed around and made a video….pretty good but I got some lots a work to do
    but will be out there in a min.peace

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