1. Take her to task JIMMY! I'm sick of these fucking Corporate Democrats pretending to give a DAMN about us "ordinary people" and then when they get into office, they give US the BIG FUCK YOU! Whoopi is the VERY reason why I stayed home in 2016 and did NOT vote for her!

  2. You, who realised this stuff, do you know what are you talking about….?!
    Do you have any idea how to change things for a better outcome for the better?

    You are coming here to tell us that Whoopi has got £45 million dollars in her bank account. Good for her…

    Bad for you…, as you are jealous…

  3. Thanks jimmy! let that be known. Whoopi…what are you doing about the problem other than calling the president 'the guy in the white house' wow we all should "learn" from her….lmao!

  4. I was such a fan of Whoopi's until she joined The View – It's clearly a view from the top rich elite – She's forgotten her drug addicted days, her single mom welfare days and now only her money talks for her –

  5. The bad thing is that people watching "The View" take what Whoopi Goldberg says to the bank. The talking heads on television stink. Corporate tools and useful idiots spewing out biased opinions to sway viewers away from thinking for themselves.

  6. Hillary "worked her tail off to get people what they need", and what we got was Trump. If that's Whoopi's definition of "success", I'd hate to see what failure looks like. The best that can be "learned" from them, is what NOT to do. She's not telling AOC to "learn the job", but in fact, to "tow the line." AOC HAS and IS "doing something first." Whoopi just doesn't happen to like the fact that what she's doing is criticizing the Democratic oligarchs that are protecting her investments at the cost to the rest of us, and whose complete incompetence and/or corruption gave us President Trump. AOC primaried one of those oligarchs which IS "doing something", upsetting an apple cart that sorely needs it, and the fact that Whoopi is displeased is a good sign that she's right on target. And the "giants" that AOC came in on the shoulders of, are her voters and those who donated to her campaign, as there were no "giants" in the Democratic establishment who "helped" her into her job, AOC won DESPITE efforts of the DNC "giants" to keep that from happening.

    whoppie would never comment on a black woman making an utter fool of herself over WHOPPIES favorite topic

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