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  2. I'm in my 50' so a ginseng and ginger tea gives me a great way to start my day with energy. I also shop at a Asian supermarket they have a different and more variety. At night before going to bed my black seed oil and 2 capsules of turmeric that I learn to make in this channel. Thanks you Sir for the knowledge you and videos. GB

  3. Hello Kareem,
    I have 2 siblings left that have Sickle cell disease what would you recommend for them to do..my brother is in the hospital as I write this.
    Also I just ordered your Mucus buster do I need to be fasting I'm going to be honest I've never fast before

  4. Peace to You Brother Kareem🌻
    I Am wondering in Your course are You going to cover the Spiritual properties of certain herbs? Or could You recommend a good source for this information? I've been gathering my shekels lol I Am looking forward to learning more! ~ Desirée💛

  5. I grind up moringa and ashitava and drink them as teas as well as moringa leaves. The medicinal properties are good for eyes skin hair nails digestive blood cleansing and neuro cognitive function.

  6. Hello Kareem, thanks for all you do! I'm hoping to get accepted right away in the fb group because i'm running out of time and i'm trying to take all the right paths with my LLC. Especially since I have a friend who literally wants me to hire her. My business is legit but still in its newborn stages. I really need to speak with someone. My Facebook name is April Reed. My email for the website and video Library is [email protected]*****.com

  7. I grow, harvest and grind lemon balm for tea. It has helped me tremendously with stress. It relaxes my nerves. The work that I do is very demanding, I am a registered respiratory therapist and is still working in this matrix. However I am also an herbalist and entrepreneur that's trying to get out of this crazy matrix…lol.. I enjoy your videos..keep them coming!! Stay well!!

  8. @4cyclesoflife.com I’ve been watching your videos heavy mainly for business but I’m also a non-meat eater so I’m watching it all! Anywho I noticed that as long as you’re videos are your not putting in enough ads in your videos for YouTube TO pay you enough 😁 I’m not sure if you know that you have the option to do that, I’m a youtuber and I insert at least 3 ads. U should definitely go back and apply them.

  9. Do Not Say Cure, Say Heal!
    Mother Nature is Yout Gift to Healthy Living.🤗👏🏾👏🏾…Tell Us Kareem. Looking forward to the children channel you are working on with your 3 going on 4 year old son.

  10. Hi Kareem,
    I grind up elderberry for my immune system, Maca root for my energy, and I also love grinding up mint. I really love drinking this tea. I love all kinds of tea, but these are just a few. Shalom!

  11. Hey I have been look at your video 8 months now I'm taking Black seed oil tea tree burdock root tea bilberry eyebright milk thistle turmeric and detox yes Iam get it in lol thank God.for use you to help his people's I am telling everybody that I know about your YouTube video god bless you and your family

  12. Hawthorn, holy basil and hibiscus for my heart. Red clover and chaparral for lymph, and chickweed and hyssop because i find it helps with my nerves, muscle spasms and cravings. I get them fron frontier abd starwest. I would love that pot.

  13. My favorite teas to grind would be lemongrass, ginger, and chamomile. I use Lemongrass to keep Candida at bay. Ginger I use for energy and digestion. And chamomile i use for anxiety and panic attacks. These herbs have been changing my life.

  14. Good evening brother. I was wondering what is the name of your video that you talk about personal credit. After hearing me talk about you, I have friends that want to watch the video. Thank you in advance

  15. Kareem I'm sick as a dog and got all kinda cellular issues and and lymphatic issues and I wouldn't send you 14 questions after having a one-on-one for an hour and a half bless you my brother keep doing the good work

  16. Kareem I would just like to thank you brother for being a beacon of information. I started my journey on 1-1 -18 weighing 394lbs on 1-1-19 I weighed in at 306. My very 1st video from you was the Black Seed video and brother I took off from there! I reside here in San Antonio Tx and I was fortunate to find an Indian-International Foods Grocery here and almost all of the herbs/spices you recommend to us, they provide! Brother again thank you. My life has changed in tremendous ways from my health report, to interacting with my family, to taking care of the "bidness" THANKS man!

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