How to Use Colloidal Silver for Lung Infections, Viruses, Flu, Colds, Influenza

Colloidal silver can be an effective natural remedy to treat lung infections, bronchitis, viruses, colds and the flu because silver directly kills the germs or …


  1. love your videos;;;need to clarify TDS meter;;TDS meter does not give you ppm of silver particles,because it can't,;Colloidal silver is silver particles in suspention in water:::TDS meter only measures ions that conducts electricity(an electron of a silver atom(ion) which is entirely different and not the same as a silver molecule ),,A TDS meter measures the conductivety of a sulution of ions,,weather it be salts of metals or acids,hydroxides and impurities in the water::what it will do is tell you how pure your water is::

    ALSO the electrolyte will measure 20 + ppm befor you even start the electrolisis,,it does not read silver particles only ions

    Steve Mack

  2. I've heard so many contradicting statements about ionic and colloidal purity. Half say if it's not clear it's not pure. The other half say if it not dark it's not pure…. Well which is it?

  3. If you please, several questions. Never seen this silver in stores. Is there way to order online? Ok to use if w/asthma? Will it react w/ Albuterol by nebulizer? Also take Advair, a corticosteroid for asthma? If y'don't know these answers, how to find out? I have nebulized ionic silver a few times a day to no avail. I need something that will really work, because floors flu & colds make the asthma incredibly worse!! Thanks!

  4. You've made the point about a nebulizer vs a humidifier, but what about a cool mist ultrasonic essential oil diffuser? Not as much liquid, but seems like the same science. Great video, I'm going to use it.

  5. Please help! I took 1-2 tsps. of colloidal silver (Brand: Argentyn 23) for the first time today and my upper body is really itchy! It only happens when I am wearing clothes or sitting on carpet, on a chair, etc. which is very often. It started 1-2 hours after taking CS and hasn't stopped hours later. I can't sleep. Did this happen to anyone else? How do I stop this? Does it go away? Is it a reaction to metal? I've been drinking water trying to flush it out. I've been taking probiotics and I have SIBO and a mold allergy due to mold exposure if that matters. Thoughts? Thanks!!

  6. I've used my ionic silver a few times inhaling it and I felt many benefits from it . I also have felt when it killed off a lot of stuff at once colloidal silver is a mystery that a lot of people should learn about it's amazing. anyways I've been using the ionic I know people make the colloidal to get past the stomach lining but I believe mine helps get past the stomach lining even being ionic. I think it works 100% better

  7. My Dad is a Pathologist and says there is nothing that touches the effectiveness of 23ppm Argentyn 23 It is Ionic, Ag+ Pyrogen/Endotoxin tested and powerful. He told me if more people with drug resistant infections like Strep A Staph Aureus, Kleisbella and other hard hitting pathogens would use Argentyn 23 either on severe skin infections or Colds and Flu's they would experience what the research has well proven. It saved me in 2009 from Necrotizing Fascititis fllesh eating Strep A and this year when I got the Avian Variant H5N3 Flu A and severe Pneumonia. It is expensive, but when you have the Rolls Royce of silvers, tried and tested to work, it is damn well worth it.

  8. The link to colloidal silvers on Amazon in not specific. I can't tell which one of these is these is 20 PPM and color of baby shampoo? Hard to tell when they say Aqua or they are in a brown bottle.

  9. What are the advantage/disadvantages of taking colloidal silver over hydrogen peroxide inhalation? Can/should both be used simultaneously and why or why not? Also, if I were to use an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier instead of a nebulizer, would it be safe for household pets that may be exposed to it and what is a safe level for pets if they happen to be exposed? Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the interesting video.
    However, this is how I have managed to stay well since the winter of 2015-16. I have recently posted this comment under various articles about colds and flu.
    My method is to not get a sore throat, chest cold or flu in the first place, thanks to quercetin dihydrate. Quercetin is found in apples, onions and many other fruits and vegetables.
    The following two supplements keep my lungs and sinuses healthy (quercetin) and my lung and sinus mucus thinned and liquefied (Mrs. Dash Table Blend seasoning).

    What works for me is taking the yellow powder, quercetin dihydrate. It somehow galvanizes my lungs and sinuses.
    I am someone who believes that 500 mg per day (mornings) of quercetin dihydrate powder (about a level half measuring teaspoon) is enough to guard the lungs and sinuses and protect them from colds and flu. I haven't had my normal winter chest cold since starting quercetin 3 years ago.
    I thought that quercetin wasn't helping me at all, so to discontinue taking quercetin I twice dropped the dose to either 250 mg or zero (nothing), but both times I had the sniffles within a month.
    So it takes at least 400 mg of quercetin per day for me. I also realized that quercetin had been giving me energy so I was glad to restart taking it.

    I buy quercetin dihydrate in the 250 gram bag at Bulk Supplements. A 250 gram bag will theoretically last about 500 days at 500 mg per day.

    Thinning the Mucus:
    For thinning and liquefying lung and sinus mucus, for decades I have taken a level half measuring teaspoon of Mrs. Dash Table Blend (MDTB) seasoning mornings. It seems to take about 2 weeks to start thinning lung mucus so it can be coughed up more easily. The sinuses probably take longer to clear but should eventually. Increasing the MDTB dose doesn't seem to increase the results.
    I just put both the Mrs. Dash Table Blend and quercetin in mouth together and wash down with water. It's quicker that way.

    The more exact dose of Mrs. Dash table Blend that I have taken for decades with great results in thinning/liquefying lung and sinus mucus is 1/2 level measuring teaspoon mornings. I now just use a 7 inch long stainless steel iced teaspoon (1 level iced tsp) because it dips way down into the deep seasoning container easier.
    I had laryngitis in the Fall of 2016 where I couldn't clear my throat, even though I was taking 500 mg of the aforementioned quercetin. I restarted taking the Mrs. Dash Table Blend and my throat cleared the same day, so there is something in this 14 herb seasoning that thins mucus, maybe the lemon oil.
    I eat dairy and cheese, but dairy in general and increasing dairy intake also seems to increase mucus production for me for a day or two.

    I buy MDTB at Walmart in the 6.75 oz size which lasts over 3 months.

    My take on vitamin C is that it doesn't keep me from taking colds and flu. The same with vitamin D-3.
    I took lots of vit C for years during the 80's and 90's. I would take it up to bowel tolerance.
    I took vit D-3 at 5000 units/day for 5 years starting in 2011 because I read that D-3 protects the lungs from getting colds and flu but I still got a chest cold each winter.
    Quercetin is what prevents colds and flu for me and I would try quercetin for any lung or sinus problem.

  11. You should make a video on the uses of Magnesium in the body. It is used in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body and over 75% of the worlds population have a magnesium deficiency, would be a good topic to cover! 🙂

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